Spinning a Good Yarn: A Collection of Yarn for the Geeky Enthusiast

I had so much fun making up my list of “Great Gifts for Geeky Guys and Girls” this Christmas that I was very eager to find another subject to share about.  For those who don’t know “Geek” and “Crafts” go together like Pickles and Whiskey {apparently it’s delicious}.  There’s a whole subculture of geek crafters of which I’ve only scratched the surface of.

I love it when geek crafters get creative with their wares and wasn’t surprised that a search of “geek yarn” brought up quite a few hits on Etsy.  So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite geek yarn suppliers for your fibre pleasure.

Each of these store owners have given me permission to share their pictures and information, but none of it – from the names to the pictures to the ideas – are mine.  I’d love it if you found something you just had to have from this list and supported one of these purveyors of fine fibres.

* An asterisks denotes a store that I’ve purchased from or otherwise done business with.

While I insisted to each of these stores that I was not out for the free merch/advertising deal one store did strike up a review deal that was just too kind resist that you’ll find out more about in the end.

I believe each of these stores has quality items worth your time and money, and that opinion is not dependent of my business relationship with them.  I hope to patronize each of these stores in the future and support them with my own money without special deals or kickbacks for this post or mentions in the future.  Just hoping to be, in the immortal words of Mal Reynolds….

a big, damn {crafty} hero.

V Yarn*
I found Vberry during my first gift list run down and now am in possession of a skein of “The Game’s…. Something” ala Sherlock and am very pleased to feature this store again being able to say I’ve officially done business with them.
“The Mirror of Erised” A Harry Potter Inspired Yarn
“When Summer Lies” An LOTR Inspired Yarn
“As You Wish” A Princess Bride Inspired Yarn
Find More V Yarn Here.  
Lady Purl
Lady Purl hooked me in with Firefly and Serenity Inspired line.  And yes, “Leaf on the Wind” still brings a tear to my eye.  Any of these would be perfect company for a movie marathon.
“Leaf on the Wind”

“Hero of Canton”

“Big Damn Heroes”
Lady Purls has some great yarns not currently up in her store, I highly recommend combing through her “sold” page to find other, amazing colorways she’s dyed.
Find More of Lady Purl Here.
Winding River
If you’re looking for some beautiful, subtle colorways I recommend Winding River.  It was her “The Hobbit” inspired colorways, that are both bright, but not over the top that caught my eye.
“Killi and Filli”
“Dwalin’s Hood”
“Thorin’s Hood”
Beautiful Fingering Weight Yarns (Plus Yarn Clubs!!) from Winding River Here.
Tale and Tendril
T&T wins the “Make Molly Feel Famous” award.  When I contacted her about sharing her products she responded back that she knew my blog and was a follower!  Call me amazed.  T&T gets on this list thanks to the other spectrum of Geek Craft, that which is inspired by classic literature and historical dramas.  Yes, we geeks can geek out just as much about the regency period as we do about a period correct T.A.R.D.I.S.  Much like Winding River, this is the yarn store for the lover of subtle, but rich colorways.
“Lizzy and Darcy”
“Tom and Sybil”
“Miss Dashwood”
Tail & Tendril also has some amazing lines inspired by “The Hobbit” and the “Harry Potter” Series along with spinning fibre for those much cooler than I.
Find more from Tale & Tendril Here.
Narwhal Needlework
Narwhal Needlwork won me over two fold: First, the word Narwahl is in the shops title and second …. Outlander.  I just…. can’t….. beautiful.   
Just perfect yarn for an evening spent in front of the fire with a good pair of knitting needles and the Outlander audiobook (or new series) on …. repeat… of the good parts {you know the ones}/
“Forest and Lochs”
Geillis Duncan
“Claire’s Escape”
The Amy Lee Show
Other shops have hinted at their love of Downton Abbey, but The Amy Lee Show wins the spot for Downton inspired fibres.
“Matthew Crawley”

For more Downton Inspired goodness (and lot more Austen!) visit The Amy Lee Show
Weird and Twisted*
Dyeing and spinning yarn is really an art, and Weird Twisted is clearly thinking outside of the box with amazing results.  It was hard to pick just a few to focus on, but in the end it was the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” inspired yarns that would not let me go.  In fact, a new skein is sitting next to my computer as we speak and the fact that I’m writing this and not pattern searching will forever be a testament to my creative fortitude.
“Kiyoshi Warriors”
“Aang” (and this beautiful swirl is all mine!!)

Weird and Twisted seems to be inspired by just about anything, I highly recommend looking through both her current selections and sold items to see just what this fibre artist can create.
Find more wonderfully Weird and Twisted Yarns Here.

Oh, best beloveds {why yes, we’ve been listening to “Just So Stories”) I can’t wait to share EweFluffyEwe with …. ewe.

 I don’t want to say more right now I will say you’ll be seeing more EFE in the next week or so, and we’ve worked out a special surprise for one lucky reader.

For now, enjoy these beautiful literary inspired yarns fresh from the farm.

“Captain Wentworth”

“Jane Bennet”

Match your yarn to your nightstand book collection over at EweFluffyEwe.

I hope you enjoyed this collection.  I had a blast putting it together!
 Onward my geeky crafters, onward!

You can find these yarns and more linked at my Etsy favorites collection Here.

Disclaimer:  I solemnly swear I did not write this post solely because my birthday is coming up in two weeks.  It has nothing to do with that.  Forget I mentioned anything.  I like yarn. 😉

15 thoughts on “Spinning a Good Yarn: A Collection of Yarn for the Geeky Enthusiast

  1. I loved this! They're all so beautiful!
    My birthday is in two weeks also 🙂 March 7. We're not too big on b-day gifts in our family, but yarn would be the first three things on my wish list!


  2. Theresa! We're birthday buddies! March 7th is an excellent day to be born! We “gift” for me and my husband and by “gift” I mean we alot a little money to buy something we want, but it's rarely purchased by the other person.


  3. I stopped back by to tell you t h at I just purchased Mr. Knightley from EweFluffyEwe. My mom gave me an Etsy gift certificate for Christmas, and I just couldn't stop myself from using it to buy such lovely yarn!


  4. Oh yay! That colorway is beautiful and its a ton of fine yarn, I'm knitting with a similar right now (more on that to come) and I think I could get 2 full sets of socks out of it with no problem.


  5. I've been a Lady Purl Designs fan since I discovered her etsy shop in a random search – I loved the descriptions. And so I got some of her yarns and I was hooked, so to speak. I saw where she had posted a link to this blog so I had to come take a look. And gosh, there are lots of other nifty yarns I now want. I'm currently knitting some Lady Purl sparkly (anti) Twilight yarn into socks for a friend of mine. And I'm planning on knitting some socks out of the Once Upon A Dream yarn I got from her while I watch Maleficent on Once Upon A Time. She even made some special yarn for the last Hunger Games for me to make into socks for my sister and I to wear to go watch the movie in. I can definitely recommend her shop.


  6. Thank you Sarah! I was hoping some fans of the stores could stop in and give some reviews to the yarns and stores I haven't purchased from yet! Sounds like LP needs to be next on my list! I wonder if I could convince myself to give me an advance on my allowance.


  7. That Aang yarn!!! Have you seen the new Avatar? I'm immediately put off by Aang being reincarnated as a different person. Aang is Aang! What I would enjoy if I didn't have these prejudices!


  8. I know, but it *is* part of the whole Avatar deal 😉 I liked the new series enough, but I'll always prefer the original. I think they ran into some issues with budget/time allotment so the story isn't as detailed and cohesive as the original series. Ben and I are hoping they'll do a series just exploring the past Avatars instead. Have you read any of the comic books for the Aang years? They finally explain Zuko's mother!!!


  9. *le gasp* Oh, she was a big plot hole, wasn't she?! I might have to loiter in the comic book section of the book store some time. 😉 I would like to see the past avatars, too, especially the Earth tribe female, Kiyoshi, I think? It's been about a year! ^^;


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