The Gift of the Annunciation

Many women in my situation hate the Feast of the Annunciation, it's just another reminder to them that God has not given them a baby.  Sometimes we're even bitter towards Mary for what she got the same way we feel the pangs of jealousy when another friend or family member in a less than ideal... Continue Reading →

Still Life With Ray Guns

The squirt guns really have nothing to do with this other than my sincere wish that it finally warms up and stays that way.  We got a hint of beautiful weather last week and then the temperatures dropped again.  Something knit, but in more spring like colors, was in order so I pulled out my... Continue Reading →

Deep Down

I've been praying for acceptance and for peace.  Whatever happens, I've been saying, I just want to be able to handle it.Acceptance and peace.These are the two things I also dread.  I feel them creeping around in the back of mind.  They whisper in pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo; you're already thirty-two, and you're not very fertile to... Continue Reading →

This Is What Today Is

I thought today was going to be easy.  Another due date come with no baby to usher it in.  After all I've done this twice before, right?  No, it's just as hard as the first time; just as sad and painful.Just like the last two times I'm surrounded by expectant mothers, new babies and announcements.... Continue Reading →

Squid + Boy

Squids are the thing right now.   A de-stash project netted us this new friend who is currently battling ever sea creature in the house and attacking all boats.Made from this pattern on Ravelry.For my next trick a Sperm Whale has been requested.  You know, so they can battle, like sperm whales and squids do.What... Continue Reading →

The Right Here, Right Now.

 Outside.  Freedom.  A new spring.Been trying to relish the right now, particularly with next Tuesday's would-have-been due date approaching.  It's bittersweet, but this is what I have and what I could have had can't hold a candle to what I do have simply because this is real and this is now.  The future feels bright,... Continue Reading →

A Little Birthday Adventure Heading home.A photo posted by Molly W. ( on Mar 7, 2015 at 3:21pm PST// A little birthday adventure.  After being told about this place a couple of weeks ago at a conference I made the crazy request to drive up on my birthday.  It isn't that I... Continue Reading →

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