Squid + Boy

Squids are the thing right now.   A de-stash project netted us this new friend who is currently battling ever sea creature in the house and attacking all boats.

Made from this pattern on Ravelry.

For my next trick a Sperm Whale has been requested.  You know, so they can battle, like sperm whales and squids do.

What have I started?

9 thoughts on “Squid + Boy

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  1. I love this squid and can't get enough of staring at it every time he pops up on my phone or computer screen 🙂 I just love it, Molly! You did such a great job! And I just love that he *asked* for a squid. Clearly, you're doing a lot of things right in your home 🙂
    Do you watch Wild Kratts? There is a squid and sperm whale battle in Wild Kratts 🙂 It's totally legit.


  2. I think that episode is what spurred this squid obsession. We love the Wild Kratts and the Kratt Brothers in this house. =) It's always fun to surprise the librarians when your four year old announces “We're going to get Colossal Squid books!”


  3. LOVE! This is awesome! My kids have been all about the sea lately during homeschool, so I think this project needs to go on my list! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the whale 🙂


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