The Courage in You

Dear Friend,What you're doing takes courage.It takes courage to face each month again with hope while still reeling from last months disappointment.It takes courage to pay for another round of pills, more vials and needles, more tests, ultrasounds and surgeries.It takes courage to wait in those waiting rooms and drive to those clinics, so often... Continue Reading →


Lemons.Nothing seems to sum all this up better than lemons.Imagine you want to make some orange juice.  Go to the bowl, grab some oranges and make orange juice.Now imagine every time you go to that bowl, the orange bowl, that special bowl that is on everyone's counter, and every time you go to that bowl... Continue Reading →

Signs of Spring

A little bit of real nature in our fake flowers on the front door.Sedum,tulips, daffodils, butterfly bush and hollyhock seed sown; waiting for the hostas to come up and the hydrangea bush to get bigger.  The rocks will hopefully make a good path for water drainage.That's a good sign.Weeded and mulched.  Hostas just starting to... Continue Reading →

What a Difference a Day Makes

Sowed two types of Columbine seed around the base of this tree.Raspberry corner.  Sowed a few pockets of Columbines in front of the gating.  Already have volunteer Columbines from the neighbors garden coming up.  Still needs weeding.Spray painted about 60% of the trellis.  Planted Hyacinths in front; Sunflowers will be put in the corner behind... Continue Reading →

In the Garden

My single Daffodil and the Peonies are arrivingSo excited that my Hydrangea Bush survived!  This should be a blue hydrangea bush, it was an anniversary gift last year because it was our wedding flowers.I have plans this year.  Plans that will hopefully keep us out of our house until around September.  Things to do around... Continue Reading →

There’s Always Next Year

Ugh, it's over.  That's really all I've got for summing up Lent and the Easter weekend.  It all just seemed like too much work without a lot of pay off.Because of lurking would-have-been due dates most of Lent was either spent in anticipation or dealing with the feelings of said events.  I barely had the... Continue Reading →

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