There’s Always Next Year

Ugh, it’s over.  That’s really all I’ve got for summing up Lent and the Easter weekend.  It all just seemed like too much work without a lot of pay off.

Because of lurking would-have-been due dates most of Lent was either spent in anticipation or dealing with the feelings of said events.  I barely had the desire to pull together much for Easter.  We barely did anything, read anything or focused on learning anything.

That yellow Easter book in the back… yeah regifted this year unaware that we had done some of the stickers last year.  Also should have actually read that copy of Peter Rabbit before I bought it…. way to simplified for my taste.  I win Easter.

My Easter weekend was not bad, but it was just slightly off.  We didn’t manage to go to any Thursday or Friday church services and visiting family meant we didn’t really spend a lot of time at home.  We celebrated as a small family on Saturday due to my husbands work schedule. Easter morning I spent by myself dog-sitting so the rest of the family could go to church only to have said dog bolt on me out the back door.  I then spent the next hour trudging around the ravines behind our street.  There was no perfectly decorated house; the week before was my long work week and my parents house is partially under renovation in the kitchen and dining room area.  We didn’t even manage to take a picture together, regardless that there were no cleverly matching spring ensembles.

It just all feels a little off and a little strange.  Not bad, the weekend was fine and we had lots of fun and the dog was found 2 miles away later in the afternoon.  Just not what I would have wanted even had I had the desire to work on it all.  It just didn’t feel special or intentional and that’s not the way I like my holidays to happen.

I suppose there’s always next year.

We did splatter paint and put stickers on cardboard.  Instant Easter Banner.  

6 thoughts on “There’s Always Next Year

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  1. I'm right there with you Molly. I've been wandering through this Lent…really trying to avoid any real feelings because i haven't been ready to face them. They all came crashing down around me on Palm Sunday and this Holy Week was one of the hardest weeks since we first received Lily's diagnosis. It felt ridiculous and stupid to give up anything for Lent…what sacrifice could compare to ones we have made? Praying for you mama as we both continue this trek through the desert.


  2. There is so much 'noise' that builds up and keeps me from being able to ever “get” the Lent I hope for. In my head I know what I should be feeling, but then the doing and the mess of everyday life and small children and extended family celebrations gets in the way.

    LOVE the banner, though. It's precious:)


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