How Does Your Garden Grow?

I swear I did not choose to do a garden update in favor of ignoring the clean up from our gaming party on Saturday... someone please put it on their calendar to remind me to go in to next years gardening with something resembling a plan?Just today I pulled up some "green onions" and... Continue Reading →

Let’s Have a Party

This weekend we had some friends over - my husband, the nerd that he is, set up a RPG adventure, we grilled, the non-RPG folk sat outside and talked while the kids played "Rescuebots vs. Elsa".  It was a good day and I couldn't help, but reflect on the timing of our little get together... Continue Reading →

The New Girls in Town

I swore there'd be no more new flowers for the rest of the summer.I lied.Oh, and remember a few days ago I spoke about gardening giving me lessons in things I can control... take that first picture which should be young sunflowers, which were all decapitated by wildlife which shall remain nameless.  I don't even... Continue Reading →

Like Moving Furniture

Back when Haley and Christy interviewed me for their podcast we were talking a lot about what my "make do" life entails and how we make it work.  I've been thinking a lot about what they were asking me about over the last month or so, because honestly I couldn't really articulate my process because... Continue Reading →

Postcards From the Garden

This year is a good reminder that gardening is skill you acquire and to a certain extent you're always at the mercy of things outside of your control (sounds a lot like my life these last few years).  I probably needed a year to remind me that I can't expect great results without more work... Continue Reading →

Frock Friday: Dorothy

Let me introduce you to Dorothy.Named after the patron saint of Gardeners and Florists.With the pretty little flowers on this fabric I had to find a flower related saint.The Details:Fabric:  Quilting Cotton from Joann's, $4 a yard on clearance.  Lined with a light weight polyester picked up from the reminent bin for a couple dollarsTotal... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List

Since I shared my summer reading list I thought I'd share some of the books I'm hoping to get thru with Henry this summer.  We're part of two libraries Summer Reading Programs - one is more literacy activity based and the other has a sold "color in a star for each book you read" option... Continue Reading →

Stitchery and Study

I'm trying not to make too many set in stone plans for the summer in terms of the kiddo or the family - but I do have a few goals for myself.I'm going to leave most knitting until later in the summer.  I do need to go thru the stash and see what I've got... Continue Reading →

The Clare Blouse

 May I introduce you to Clare?  She's a sweet simple little top, but I do love her.The Details:Fabric:  A Cotton Lawn I believeCost:  $0, I picked this up as a scrap from a theatre I worked at before Henry was born.  There was just enough for a little shirt.Pattern:  New Look 6344Notes:  I love the... Continue Reading →

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