In the Yard

Oh we’ve been wonderfully busy.  It’s just been one of those times when you realize you need to stop admiring everyone else’s handiwork and get somethings done your self.  There’s been digging and planting, sewing and knitting and filling out days with as much outside time as we can.

The garden is doing alright – the weather has been really inconsistent this spring so the spinach is loving it – the broccoli not so much.  But something has been loving the broccoli – so I’m trying a trick I saw on ye ol’ Pinterest about surrounding the plants with plastic forks to details munchers.

The onions are doing okay as well – I’ll be able to pull up some green onions any time and the potatoes all look okay so far.

The biggest things going on in the garden this year is flowers!  I love my peonies, but they only last until about mid-June so I’ve been adding some spots of color.  Pink and Purple Beebalm in the front yard.  Happy yellow Coreopsis, “Moreno” and “Chocolate Orange” Black-eyed Susans and “Bloomtime” Bellis in the back.  The hydrangea bush looks like it might give us some small blooms this year and as usually the hostas are planning a hostile take over along with their allies the Raspberry patch.

Oh, and yes that booger has Dalek pants…. more to come on the sewing explosion later!

Linking up the Clan for a garden tour.

9 thoughts on “In the Yard

  1. I love to see all the progress people are making in their yards. It truly is inspiring (and motivational) for me! You've done a great job with yours! 🙂


  2. Everything looks wonderful! Our hostas are also planning a takeover. Since this is our first Spring in this house we had no idea what we had back there and unknowingly planted all of our sunflowers along the wall behind them…of course they exploded and blocked all of the sun. We only had one sunflower make it behind enemy lines but I'm not sure if it will be able to withstand the full assault 🙂


  3. Oh man, seeing yours and Bonnie's peonies make me so happy. We must be a couple weeks behind y'all over here in New England, since our peonies aren't even close to opening yet.
    You have to tell me if the fork trick works, since our kale and broccoli are being eaten alive by cabbage worms.


  4. Our hostas are taking over everything too – they're ALL over our yard! I kind of hate them but there are a bunch in shady areas that I'm okay with… It's when they try to crowd out the *actual* plants that I go crazy! Did you plant your onions from seed or from sets? I need to try sets next year – we tried some from seed last year and it was so pitiful that I didn't even try this year…


  5. I divided up enough hostas to fill the back of my car for Bonnie….. and only touched 3 plants! I have about a dozen more that need dividing so I've been savings the plastic planters from this year and I think I'm going to go crazy on them in a few weeks and have a “Hosta Sale”.

    Onions were sets, I've never had luck with seeds since we can't start anything inside (we're on the North side of a duplex, so zero southern light – it drives me nuts).


  6. Not sure if the forks will work on cabbage worms – I'm fending off deer and rabbits. But I've heard wrapping the stems in tin foil helps fight off some pests in cabbage/zucchini/squash, maybe that would help?

    I'm so glad I got in those other perennials this year – the peonies probably only have another 2 weeks on them!


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