Garden Check-in.

Does anyone know what this is?  It’s a volunteer something that’s been growing in my empty half-wine barrel.  A Sunflower?

We had grand plans for camping this weekend that got waylaid by some drizzly weather and drizzly noses – seems the boy has inherited his father’s allergies and they’re not being gentle.  Poor kid – if anyone has any “natural” helps for allergies (a four year old on Zertec makes me a bit sad) I’m all ears.

The garden is ready for some warm days though.  The fork around the broccoli seems to be helping a bit and I’m getting excited for those raspberries! The spinach is starting to bolt, but the potatoes are starting to flower which is exciting – flowers means tubers.

The lillies are up!  Just a few days after the last of the peonies crumbled a part and the Black-eyed Susans seem to be doing well, just look at those colors! Though they’re not as tall as I remember previous years being – maybe I need to look into that.  And the succulents around the mailbox are doing their thing…. even when it’s a thing I didn’t know they did – I didn’t know Hen and Chick bloomed like that.

Check in tomorrow for more goings on from the sewing machine.

5 thoughts on “Garden Check-in.

  1. Poor allergy guys! Penelope has pretty bad allergies which aggravate her asthma and if we aren't careful or mindful it quickly spirals into her being out for a couple days. I am going to sound like every hippie mom out there but chiropractic has seriously helped her. Keeping her spine in alignment means that her sinuses are draining efficiently and she isn't suffering for near as long as she used to. All the kids go once a month and they have been so healthy. The boys haven't even had antibiotics yet which I think is a miracle because the girls had so many their first year due to ear infections and other illnesses. I hope this helps! p.s. beautiful garden!!


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