Stitchery and Study

I’m trying not to make too many set in stone plans for the summer in terms of the kiddo or the family – but I do have a few goals for myself.

I’m going to leave most knitting until later in the summer.  I do need to go thru the stash and see what I’ve got and what needs to be made for the winter.  I do know already that a few of us could use some new socks and hats so that’ll probably come up eventually.

As for the stitchery portion I’ve got the grand plans for these patterns –

That is plenty on my plate for now – particularly with plans to take my favorite of the above and duplicate with a flannel or other thicker fabric for the winter.  I plan on starting to take a bit more time on these projects as I would love to start working on my sewing skills – sewing for costumes and theatre is a bit of a different skill set that sewing “real” clothes and I’d like to work on that.

On the study end of things I have a small book list I’d love to work through this summer.

Currently on the docket are:

Next up:
A nice summer balance I think – a little lighthearted fiction, a little escapist fantasy, a few a bit more thought provoking and the …. ::sniffle:: end to my favorite comic series.  I am on pins and needles to see how Fables wraps up, but oh what a void it will leave – Ben and I have been following this story since we were married!  I haven’t found a series to replace it yet – neither Unwritten or Saga have grabbed my attention and so I keep hoping that Bill Willingham has a new series up his sleeve.

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  1. I thought I had my summer reading list under control but now I've got to add in the new Esolen book. How did I not know about its existence until now? I've also decided that I definitely need some Montgomery in my summer–I was thinking maybe the Emily books? I've never read them before, but I do love The Blue Castle 🙂


  2. How do you feel about the Paper Magician series? I read the first book and it disappointed me a little … like it fell just shy of fulfilling its potential. (I really loved the plot and concept.) How is the second book?


  3. Definitely not the best, but it's a cute, light read. It's definitely on my list of “wish they'd worked on it a little more”, but it's worth the couple hours it takes to read it and definitely good fluffy read to have opposite a heavier book


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