Summer Reading List

Since I shared my summer reading list I thought I’d share some of the books I’m hoping to get thru with Henry this summer.  We’re part of two libraries Summer Reading Programs – one is more literacy activity based and the other has a sold “color in a star for each book you read” option – so we’ve got a lot to do in the next month and a half.

We’re at a tricky stage right now – he’s just showing the earliest interest at learning how to read (and I’m a phonics fan, so we really stress the “how to” part of that; no sight words here), but has pretty good attention span.  So we’ve been coming home with quite the eclectic mix between early readers, easy readers, our usually nonfiction haul, audiobooks and regular picture books.  He’s ready for longer books, but as much as “easy readers” drive me crazy they are proving helpful in learning early phonics, but we can’t survive on easy readers alone.

Plus I have this crazy theory that if we rely only on easy readers at this stage we’re missing out on a key time to engage interest in reading.  I’ve also been discovering there are some books that I want us to experience, but I have not real interest in reading out loud myself – so audiobooks to the rescue!

So for now, this is what we have on our coffee table to read through or listen to over the next couple weeks.

Picture Books:
Easy Readers/Early Readers:
*I’ve tried to read Herriot many times both as an adult and a child – but I would listen to Jim Dale read the phonebook.  Herriot comes alive for me so much more listening to him read it.

7 thoughts on “Summer Reading List

  1. I was thinking of putting the Blaze in my oldest's summer reading pile too–have you read them before? Also, I just got the audio book of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and the second one too for our upcoming marathon drive to Michigan because I heard they were really good. Here's hoping!

    And Jim Dale. Yes. Except for The Hundred Acre Woods. I think the voices of the Pooh characters are too Disneyified in my head so to have them sounding like villains from Harry Potter was just too much and I couldn't get through it 🙂


  2. We've read 3 of the Blaze books so far – the illustrations are fantastic and it's about a paragraph per page. The stories are fairly simple, but interesting enough for a young child. Nice example for young boys (any child really) of responsibility the way it covers Billy taking care of the pony, etc.


  3. Curious- how are you going about teaching phonics? My 4 year old has been showing that he's ready to learn to read- but as he is a really good memorizer I feel like all he is doing is memorizing the words the first time we go through them and we are missing out on a lot of the actual phonics. Just would be interested in hearing your overall approach!


  4. I'm not an expert at all – we've got Bob books and I'm just focusing on making sure he knows that it's just not letter = words but that letters = specific sounds = words. I figure right now my job is to make sure he knows the main sounds each letter makes and we slowly are starting to show how you put those sounds together to form words. We have “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons” which I find okay, but we're not really using it more than I looked at their approach (explaining sounds, saying sounds fast, slow, etc.) and am applying it to our Bob books and other simple reading. Probably next year I'll have more to share (and we'll see what is taught in preschool and kindergarten).


  5. Great to hear! I have the “Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading” but pretty much just read through it myself and am using the Bob books with those ideas in mind.


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