Frock Friday: Dorothy

Let me introduce you to Dorothy.
Named after the patron saint of Gardeners and Florists.
With the pretty little flowers on this fabric I had to find a flower related saint.

The Details:

  • Fabric:  Quilting Cotton from Joann’s, $4 a yard on clearance.  Lined with a light weight polyester picked up from the reminent bin for a couple dollars
  • Total Cost:  Probably around $30
  • Pattern:  Retro Butterick – B5748
  • Notes:  Love, love, love, love.  After doing some research regarding reading pattern envelopes I was able to pick out the perfect size for this dress from the beginning.  Except for taking in the back a little it’s straight from the pattern.  Next time I make this pattern, and there will be a next time – I need to adjust the shoulders just a little, but it wasn’t enough to bother me to start over on this one.  I would have never picked out a dress in this color for myself from a store, but I do love having something bright in my wardrobe now and I’ve gotten so many complements on it in just one day.  The dress was easy to cut and sew – took me about two days starting and stopping and would be a perfect, flattering dress for a beginner!

Still learning how to take blog/fashion pictures.  Figured out the whole “don’t look like a vampire” stand in the shade trick, now to tackle the infamous “how many chins do I have” posture issue. But hey!  I finally got that haircut and a new box of dye!

Oh, it also does this – so twirly!

I may have had a Marilyn moment getting off the bus today – circle skirt do catch the wind easily.


13 thoughts on “Frock Friday: Dorothy

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  1. Sooo we just moved and I just found out that the former Home Ec teacher from the high school just retired after 30+ years and she lives RIGHT DOWN THE STREET. My new goal is to befriend her and get her to teach me to make pretty things like this!


  2. Okay that's it, I am going to get a sewing machine! I was telling my fiance about how I want one this weekend and how “one of the bloggers I follow sews her own clothes.” And that was before I saw this, this dress is incredible!


  3. It's a really fun pattern and color and suits your pink undertones well. 🙂 I'll have to remember this pattern for when I (someday?) attempt to learn how to sew.

    For the “how many double chins?” problem (LOL–I FEEL you!), try having the camera a little above you and shooting downward. I always have to make my sister Caroline bend her knees a little–she's taller than me by a lot!–to get a flattering angle of her when I don't have a stool or someplace to get me a little above her. 🙂 I hope these tips are helping and not coming off as obnoxious, I am by no means an expert, but I love photography and have researched all these things many times over!


  4. No I love the tips! I've actually been researching them and was planning on my husband standing on a chair for the next round – even though he's taller than me he tends to hold the camera low.


  5. Beautiful dress. And great pictures. I'm just about inspired to get my sewing machine out. I don't think I've sewn an article of clothing since I was last pregnant. That would be about 20 years ago. (hanging head) But seriously…these posts of dresses you've made are inspiring. And your blog is terrific!


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