First off let me just say I’m so happy to see all the love and joy and celebration coming from #edel15 this year.  I know that the cost, the time, and everything needed to take a weekend off from your family and life is a big deal and every single lady that could make it, deserves it and every single lady to whom it wasn’t in the cards this year is just as special, deserving and wonderful.

I couldn’t make it this year.  I laid out my priorities and it wasn’t at the top; as much as I wanted to see some really dear friends and a city I’ve never seen before (I have wanderlust to the nth degree) I wanted to stay home this year, save my vacation time and dollars for some fun family events.

I hadn’t even had the conference on my radar this year though some friends were speaking and helping and going to the event; I had other things in my life and I honestly didn’t even realizing it was this weekend until gals started posting airport selfies on instagram.  So I started off by taking my own pretend airport selfie just as a bit of fun (I was having breakfast in a lobby at my job) and then decided to roll with it.


//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsHonestly, I had the best weekend I’ve had in a while all while staying at home just because the Edel Conference I couldn’t attended still reminded me that I’m doing good work and deserve a little rest, relaxation and enjoyment to my days.

I’m really hoping I can come to the next Edel in 2017 (honestly I’m starting a savings account), though I’m excited about a couple potential conferences to fill the void in 2016 that I can’t say anything about yet; but I’m so glad I decided to have fun this weekend no matter what and I hope you did too.

You can see more of the fun on my Instagram or Twitter.  And don’t forget to search the hashtags #edel15, #kellyknows, #insteadofedel and #edelwidowers for all the fun!

8 thoughts on “#insteadofedel

  1. I loved watching this unfold over Instagram! 🙂 What an awesome idea! I had chocolate #insteadofedel as well. 😉 (But I also had clothes moths … ugh. That was NOT relaxing!)


  2. I had a similar weekend 🙂 We finally took our boat out this year and I got to drive it for the first time ever, so that was super-fun. Helped a friend with a yard sale, went to early early Mass with my husband and then stuffed ourselves on pancakes and chilled out watching Netflix…and all is right in our little world!


  3. I had so much fun living vicariously through the Edel ladies, and I love that they “included” those of us who couldn't attend on Instagram and Twitter. And of course the #insteadofEdel~!


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