Summer of Psalms

I am so honored to have been chosen to select my favorite Psalm to share with you and be a part of Kirstin’s Summer of Psalms Project.

I think it comes as no surprise which Psalm I claimed for my own, I’ve quoted it often and it’s been such a great comfort to me.

As a gardener it’s become very clear how nature often works contrary to our plans.  You water, you feed and the plant can still wilt and never take root.  Bugs and creatures can move in or nature just does it’s worth.

I love this psalm because it reminds me that God’s plans aren’t as whimsical as my actual garden.  Things, the right things – the things he intends for us, will always take root and blossom.  He promises that our tears will never be in vain.

Below is the wonderful print Kristin has made to share with us!  Follow this links below to find the download for this print and more.  And don’t forget to keep following along with the Summer of Psalms.

The Summer of Psalms Project is an effort to spread selected Psalms through inspired art. Follow along at Vine of Plenty ( for more free and encouraging artwork. Frame your favorite Psalm print and share your own pictures using the hashtags #summerofpsalmsproject and #vineofplenty to stay connected.

Vine of Plenty | The Summer of Psalms Project

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