July in Review

Almost done and 10x better.

We might get some sunflowers yet…

I can’t wait to see these Morning Glories take off next year.

Carrots for Michaelmas?
Peas and Broccoli for Labor Day?
Fresh Coat of paint on the front steps…. an the hostas…

Small, but potent
I’ll have this blanket done for a high school graduation gift….
He won’t sit down and make art, but he will pretend he’s at art class.

Where has July gone?  And where have I been?

I’ve been:

  • trying to get a handle on this keeping house thing.
  • taking it easy as we transition to a new care arrangement for H.
  • not going to the swimming pool, not even once!  But we did go to the beach at the reservoir once and to a splash pad, so not a total loss.
  • amazed when my son started singing church songs out of the blue
  • amazed when my son suddenly started to request praying for people
  • trying hard not to loose any of the flowers I’ve planted this summer
  • giving up on a lot of what I planted this spring.
  • planting things haphazardly for the fall – peas, bush beans, spinach, and still hoping for brocolli
  • sewing nerdy pajamas for my boy
  • finishing my star dress (pictures to come)
  • working on a kimono top
  • starting to plan the holidays (yes, I’m crazy – but I like to get good deals)
  • starting to plan the holiday crafting (this isn’t crazy, I’ve come to realize August is a good time to get started on this stuff)
  • playing music – getting my grove back with the piano and slowly starting to learn the mandolin
  • doing a lot of home repair work – painting, repairing steps, making new screen for our windows
  • taking the boy to art class and nature classes
  • finishing two summer reading programs with him
… no wonder the month has flown by.

3 thoughts on “July in Review

  1. I love when you share little bits of your life like this, I feel like if I can't do all the lovely things myself, it's almost just as good to know you're doing them. I'm excited to see your kimono. And what a sweetie H is!


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