Truth and Beauty Are Our Curricula

Truth be told I'm just in a waiting game right now.  I meet Henry's preschool teacher on Wednesday, he starts on Monday; we're just waiting.I've spent a lot of time preparing myself for what we'd do if this doesn't work out.  If the transition to going to "school" every day is too much for the... Continue Reading →

In August.

I swear I haven't disappeared.  It's just August and there's so much to get done in August; of course there's even more to get done in September.The garden is offer me a few meager handfuls of veggies, though the carrots still need some time.  I'll be able to get a little broccoli off at least... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading Program

The summer is winding down here (and how excited is this fall and winter loving girl!?).  There was a lot that I didn't feel we got to this summer and the jury is still out on how I feel about that.  Did we do good just letting the summer go as it did or should... Continue Reading →

Rainy Sundays

Honestly I can't believe it's only Sunday.  Yesterday was one of those surprisingly productive days - we slept in, did our usual "Dipping Toast" breakfast (french toast), had some family visit and I still feel like I got a lot done.  Thanks to that family visit we're drowning in produce - peppers, cherry tomatoes, peaches,... Continue Reading →

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