Rainy Sundays

Honestly I can’t believe it’s only Sunday.  Yesterday was one of those surprisingly productive days – we slept in, did our usual “Dipping Toast” breakfast (french toast), had some family visit and I still feel like I got a lot done.  Thanks to that family visit we’re drowning in produce – peppers, cherry tomatoes, peaches, pears.  Oh so good.

I had picked up some cucumbers from a farm a few days ago so once the family was gone I set to work remembering how to make pickles.  I guess I cheated a bit, because I used premade pickle spices, but I think that was for the best as I was still remembering steps and timing.  But in the end we have pickles!  Dill spears and Bread & Butter slices.  I also learned that you can can peppers!  So I sliced up (wear gloves!!!) the bunch we had received, boiled a water/vinegar/garlic solution and canned the peppers in small jars.  Ben is under orders to add those peppers to everything he can this winter.

The cherry tomatoes are going in the freezer whole and I’m waiting a few more days for the pears to ripen.  Turns out – pears don’t ripen on the tree, only once they’re been picked which explains why I’ve never had luck picking ripe pears before (the more you know!); once they’re ripe I’m going to just can them in a light syrup.

The peaches are going to be sacrificed to try out this recipe because it just sounds delicious!

A few days I go I boiled/blanched probably two dozen ear of corn and froze the kernels.

Needless to say my kitchen feels quite productive right now!  I can’t wait for a few years down the road when I might have a chest freezer.  I’d love to take advantage of cheap produce in August and get our frozen veggies and a few canned treats ready for winter like this.

I did learn a few years ago to be a bit more selective about what we actually eat when it comes to canning.  While it was fun to make jams, we just don’t eat a lot of jam or jelly so in the end it was big waste of time and money.  After taking a break from preserving last year I still wanted to do something, but a bit more selective.  So far this year feels right – a couple things canned that I know will get eaten, a couple of things frozen that I know how to use, etc.

The second round of my garden is going well enough – peas are flowering, beans have shot up and I might actually get a head of broccoli or two after all.  So maybe not a total wash this year after all.

I’ve also been planning out my crafting for the …. rest of the year.  Halloween costumes to make, Martinmas gifts, stashes that need busting, etc.  There’s a lot on my palate, but I’m excited to show you  these things as I finish them.  If you want to see what’s in my knitting que you can check out my collection of patterns here.  Then I’ve got some sewing to do.  I’m finishing a kimono top this weekend and then I have two dresses and (thanks to a great thrifted fabric score) a bunch of flannel pajamas pants/sets to make before it gets cold.

If I’m not around for a while… you’ll know why.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Sundays

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  1. Ooooo . . . this must not be the case, but I immediately thought putting tomatoes in the freezer would ruin them, like bananas. And nooooow it makes sense about the pears and why you always have to wait so long to eat them!

    Is that Jayne's yarn you've got there? 😉


  2. I think it's supposed to be a like peppers and onions- they won't be crisp or firm after the freezer, but they're fine for soups, casseroles, etc. where they're going to end up cooked and soft anyways.

    Close! Not Jayne…. Aang!!!!


  3. Great job “putting up”. I made jam in May but have given away/eat all of it so thinking about doing another round. Peaches and pickles are on my “to-try” list this year.


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