In August.

I swear I haven’t disappeared.  It’s just August and there’s so much to get done in August; of course there’s even more to get done in September.

The garden is offer me a few meager handfuls of veggies, though the carrots still need some time.  I’ll be able to get a little broccoli off at least one plant and I’ve gotten a handful of peas.  I’ll have enough basil for a meals worth of pesto, but nothing to freeze this year and we did finally get a few sunflowers.

The peonies are down and I hope the direct sunlight will help the perennials I’ve planted to have one last go before the freeze comes in a few weeks.  We lost a few to virus, but I’m hope the frost will kill that and what’s left will come back strong next year.

In a few weeks we’ll be emptying out the garden beds and putting some new compost and materials in to over-winter and using the wiped out dirt to fill in some landscaping spots and then it will get cold and I’ll start to come up with a plan for next years garden, because wow this year shows me I can’t just trust fate if I actually want yields anymore.  Because (as pictured above) when the best vegetable you’ve grown is the tomato plant that magic sprung up in your hydrangea bush something is off.  At least the butterfly bush is serving it’s purpose.

We had a small snap of cool weather which means it’s time for a pre-fall purge and stock taking.  A few things I thought we could another year out of are clearly too small (who keeps feeding this child vegetables!?!), but for the most part we’ll good to go save a run to the store for a couple sets of thermals and maybe a lined pant or two.  My work is going to uniforms in a few weeks so I’m taking advantage of it to perminitely downsize my wardrobe, which means the chair in my bedroom is currently overloaded.  Same is going for craft supplies, etc.  Time to pass a few things on and keep the supplies reasonable and usable.  Hopefully I’ll be done with a last good sweep of the house right after Labor Day and be ready to spend the next six months inside.

Speaking of being inside – looks like I’m planning on being inside a lot this winter, just not at my home.  I’ve signed up to help teach religious ed, still on the board of our mothers group and possibly join a craft group or two.

And speaking of crafts I’ve actually had to make myself a craft schedule – between Halloween, Martinmas and everything else I need some timelines.  So I made a list out a few weeks ago and am at a good spot so far – everything started or finished that I had planned to start or finish for August, with only a few changes in pattern, etc.

There’s just so much to do, and I haven’t even started on the topic of school, but that’s for another post.

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