Saint Michael, Patron Saint of Leggings

Saint Michael…. Warrior of Heaven,
Patron Saint of Germany, Grocers, Paratroopers
… and wearer of FABULOUS LEGGINGS

Simple, yet classy.
The Slightly Regrettable Stirup Pant


Don’t Tell Cari About the Owl Leggings



Inspiring a Legion of Angels to Look Amazing While Smiting the Devil.
Saint Michael, Patron Saint of Leggings.  Pray for us; that we might always remember that leggings, while versatile and comfortable, are not pants.  That we may forever keep our shirts long and our fabric opaque.  Amen.


(there’s so much I could add to this list – if there’s something I’ve forgotten to list it’s probably not intentional)

I don’t normally use this space to get political – in fact, I don’t want to get political now, this isn’t about politics for me.  I know that many of my friends and family and I disagree on this topic.  I know that many people I love have gone through this.  My opinion does not make me think less of them or sympathize less.

I’m just tired of being called a hypocrite because I don’t support abortion – and no doubt there many who are, who don’t care what happens after birth.  But that is not me; I care very much what happens during, afterward and before.  I try my best to walk my talk.  I simply believe I’d rather see money and resources go towards everything else on my list and that I want to do what I can to end the reasons that make abortion seem like the best choice.  My morals tell me that abortion is wrong, but at the same time my senses tell me that we’ll never convince people that it’s not necessary without working fix the issues that surround it.

I try not to harp about the politics – legal or illegal – because I realize that legality doesn’t change our current realities.  Do I understand why this is legal? Yes, I do.  Do I understand that without changing the cause legality wouldn’t change anything?  Yes, I do andI want to change the problems so that the legality becomes a moot point.

I want to work towards a world where we don’t need this – a world where a family doesn’t have to choose between a child and poverty, where a woman doesn’t have to choose between a child and her education, a world where we continue to work towards improving quality of life for those medical complications and a world where rape and domestic abuse are a distance memory.  Is it going to happen in my lifetime? No, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.  Do we have a long way to go? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

If we disagree on this issue I don’t think you’re horrible.  If you’ve chosen this path I don’t think you’re evil.  I’ve been on both sides of this fence.  I’ve sat next to friends as they’ve chosen from the options available to them.  I work in the medical field.  I know that your heart is in the right place and I just want you to know that mine is too.

If I never see the politics change I can live with this.  The best way I can live is that any man or woman who comes to me in with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy – whether it’s my best friend or one of my children – knows that they can find support and love from me for them and the child.

I want you to know that if you came to me right now in a difficult situation – an unplanned pregnancy, a bad prenatal diagnosis, an abusive relationship – that I will do everything in my power to help you.  I would want to find the best way to support you and your child through this, in a way that respects both your needs and your child’s life.  I want you to know there are many ways to get help – there are many more clinics out there that provide services on a free and sliding payment scale.  There are resources for food, clothing and housing.  There is support for the realities of your child’s diagnosis and there are families waiting for this child if it’s the best choice for both of you.

*****I’m more than happy to engage in respectful dialogue on this issue, but I’m trusting my commenters to be able to keep things civil and respectful.  If you have a question, but do not want to ask in the comments you can email me at mollymakesdo at gmail dot com *****

The Family: A Mission

“As Mary and Joseph also did, and it was not easy: how many difficulties they had to overcome! They were not a superficial family, they were not an unreal family. The family of Nazareth urges us to rediscover the vocation and mission of the family, of every family.”
~Pope Francis

The family, such a simple yet complicated structure.  It seems like such an easy equation – put two parents together, add children…. then divide by grandparents, multiply by aunts and uncle to the power of cousins.  Even that seems easy until you turn the page and now you need to solve for x where the family is the square root of it’s community, which is the derivative of a culture that results in point on a chart that will converge towards eternity.

Yep, the family is simple.

Sadly I think that society at large does think the family is simple – that it doesn’t matter what we do to its form or structure and that it surely doesn’t matter whether or not it’s supported.  The family as a unit has existed for hundreds of thousands of years; it must be a smooth-working piece of machinery by now.

What the family is – how it exists, grows and thrives within its own walls is complicated enough without adding the additional stress of vocation into it.  Surely, it’s just enough to make sure the first grader remembers to wear pants outside or that the four-year-old does eat more Legos or that you actually know where you teenager is.  Feed, clothe, cart around – that’s what the family is supposed to be right? Just surviving, possibly thriving, but only existing during those few hours at home together at night and maybe an hour at Church on Sunday.

Some days it does feel like that’s all we have in us – those immediate needs of the people around us are so high and so necessary that there can’t be anymore asked of us.  To add any more would be “Mission: Impossible”, there’s just no way God could ask any more.

But God does ask more, He wants more from us and He wants more from our families.

I don’t think He wants us to work ourselves to edge of insanity and I don’t think he wants us to burn out and turn away, but I do think the need is there and He is calling us to something more.

I think He is calling us to reinvest ourselves in our families, to strengthen our families and to make our families a mission.  He wants our families to be emissaries to our communities.  He wants our families to be feel charged with its own duty to each other and other people.  He wants our families not to just to have a mission, not just to have a goal, but to be a mission.  A literally, brick and mortar mission – I think we’re being called to make our families physical reminders of what a good Christian is – that we build our own strong foundations, house the needy in our walls, support truth, beauty and love above our heads to keep us safe and secure.

It’s not enough to go out on a mission elsewhere and on occasion and it’s no longer enough to just state that we have a mission.  We need to be a mission.  Our mission is family and our family is a mission.

A Little Inspiration

We are called, rather, to review our own lifestyle which is always exposed to the risk of being “contaminated” by a worldly mentality — individualist, consumerist, hedonist — and to rediscover ever again the royal road, in order to live and proclaim the grandeur and beauty of marriage and the joy of being and making a family.”
~Letter for the 8th World Meeting of Families

“He is the inexhaustible font of that love which overcomes every occasion of self-absorption, solitude, and sadness. In your journey as a family, you share so many beautiful moments: meals, rest, housework, leisure, prayer, trips and pilgrimages, and times of mutual support… Nevertheless, if there is no love then there is no joy, and authentic love comes to us from Jesus. He offers us his word, which illuminates our path; he gives us the Bread of life which sustains us on our journey.”
~Letter to Families

Each Christian family can first of all — as Mary and Joseph did — welcome Jesus, listen to Him, speak with Him, guard Him, protect Him, grow with Him; and in this way improve the world. Let us make room in our heart and in our day for the Lord. As Mary and Joseph also did, and it was not easy: how many difficulties they had to overcome! They were not a superficial family, they were not an unreal family. The family of Nazareth urges us to rediscover the vocation and mission of the family, of every family.”
~General Audience December 2014

Today’s catechesis will serve as a doorway to a series of reflections on family life and what it’s really like to live in a family, day in and day out. Imagine three expressions written above the doorway; expressions I’ve already mentioned here in St Peter’s Square several times before. The expressions are: “may I?”, “thank you”, and “pardon me”. Indeed, these expressions open up the way to living well in your family, to living in peace. They are simple expressions, but not so simple to put into practice! They hold much power: the power to keep home life intact even when tested with a thousand problems. But if they are absent, little holes can start to crack open and the whole thing may even collapse.”
~General Audience May 2015

The invitation to place family ties within the context of obedience to the faith and to the covenant with the Lord does not demean them; on the contrary it protects them, frees them from selfishness, protects them from degradation, rescues them for life which knows no death.”
~General Audience September 2015

Families at times draw back, saying that they cannot live up to this: “Father, we are a poor family and even a little worse for the wear”, “We aren’t able”, “We already have so many problems at home”, “We don’t have the strength”. This is true. But no one is worthy, no one is able to live up to it, no one has the strength! Without the grace of God, we can do nothing. Everything is given to us, given freely! And the Lord never comes into a new family without working some miracle. Let us remember what he did at the wedding of Cana! Yes, if we place ourselves in his hands, the Lord will work miracles for us — but they are miracles of every day life! — when the Lord is there, present in the family.”
~General Audience September 2015

Follow the World Meeting of Families for more insights on how to build a strong family culture and how it’s possible to live out the mission of your family on EWTN or the USCCB

Cleaning Cycle

I swear my entire house has never been clean at once.  If one part is in good shape that means the other half is crazy

But, inspired by all the thousands of KonMari related posts out there (seriously so many I haven’t bothered to read the book because I think you’ve all covered it all) I did want to get some tidying and cleaning out of the way before the weather gets cold.

It’s nice to have clean shelves to look at and I’m trying hard not to give myself places to pile things up for months at a time and ignore.  Plus there’s just a lot in our house that we don’t need or use so I’ve tried to get some good purging done – craft things, random gifts from family they’ve probably forgotten about but I get worried they’re keeping tabs, books that I’ll never read again but like to subconsciously use as a status symbol.

This is pretty much what I’ve been working on all month along with get this year’s Mom’s group up and running, and getting things figured out to start teaching RE this week.  I won’t even divulge exactly how many knitting projects I have going at once; it might rhyme with shmeven or beight – though I think I might be forgetting one or two.

And honestly I’ve been feeling a little uninspired here and with a fresh round of GOMI trolling going around my blogging group I really need to think about why I’m doing this.  So far from my GOMI reading I haven’t been mentioned – good or bad – but it makes me wonder if some of my readers think that way about me.  Do you think I’m fake or making things up?  Do you think my life is too perfect to be real or that I’m just a hot mess?  Honestly, I hope that if I’m not your cup of tea you’re not reading this at all, but I can’t deny anymore that that’s not the case.

I’d like to typing out here how I’m a pretty normal girl, my family has it’s ups and downs and that my life probably seems more peachy here than it is – and that’s not entirely intention (more of an unwritten “don’t air dirty laundry” kind of rule for me).  But those of you who already get that don’t need to read it and any of you who would just pass me off as being fake are going to do that anyways.

So I’m going through my own cleaning cycle too – figuring out what goes and what stays, what’s important for me to share and keep to myself.  I still enjoy being here and I’m glad for what this blog allows me to do – meet new people, have an outlet for my experiences and feelings, a place to share a few pictures (always shot on “automatic” if you’re interested), occasionally help out a friend’s small business or writing venture.  That’s really all I want from this space and I hope that’s what you take away from it too.  If I’m not for you – if reading things here makes you scoff and roll your eyes or go on snarky little tirades on your anonymous, contentless, sponsored by lots of advertising website then I’ll be perfectly happy if you clean my blog out of your que – we’re just not meant for each other and that’s okay.  If you’re here because we might be a little bit kindred I hope you’ll stay, I’ve enjoyed having you here.

A Little Avatar

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes; we’ll get thru this too.

But now on to happier things.  When I saw this yarn on Etsy earlier this year I knew it was just perfect for us, but it took me a while to find the right pattern.  Pieces of Eight turned out to be the perfect pattern, swirly and fun, but still something useful.

The yarn is inspired by Aang from the The Last Airbender series.  Yes, it’s a cartoon.  Yes, it was made for children, but we love it.  It’s one of those series that’s a bit deeper than it seems on the outside and matured with its storyline.

They knitted up a bit small, partially due to the yarn and partially because I was trying to be conservative with the yarn.  They fit my hands tightly, but they fit Henry’s had perfectly.  So I managed to get a few action shots of the young Avatar in training with his new gloves.

7 QT’s On the Bright Side

Just for you:  a few things that are brightening my day, a few good things to look forward too.

1.  Sometime soon I should be getting my Kickstarter backed copy of this:

Such good artwork, such good story telling.  Plus, it’s fan supported art, which I love.

2.  Speaking of fan supported art.  This is also coming up.

3.  And this.

4.  And yet one more.  I love being part of crowdfunding/kickstarting projects of my favorite artists, writers, comic makers.  I feel like we’re finally set up in a way to help artists make the exact kind of art they want to make – no middle man.

5.  Sometime soon I’ll have this at my doorstep and get to see what my surprise colorway is.

6.  Speaking of knitting.  This shall soon be mine (along with a knitting swift and a ball winder).  It’s like I’m a grown up or something.

7.  Speaking of the Doctor.  Ben and I are slowly making our way through the most recent season on Netflix, but can we all just agree that Robin Hood episode was pretty weak?

I’m glad I have so much to keep me busy and occupied right now.  I need it.  The quick and dirty low-down is that we lost another pregnancy this week.  It was shorter and lost much earlier than my last three losses – not even two weeks out from that surprize positive.  So it’s been easier in some ways, and harder in others.  There’s still a lot of process to do, and a lot of questions we need to ask ourselves.  I’m a “maker” by nature, that’s what I’m called to do and part of what I struggle with everytime this happens is figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing, be making instead of the lives that have left me.  So now I focus on make things – making socks and sweater, making care pacakages and surprizes for other peoples families, helping artists I admire (and those are few and far between) fill this world with beauty (and zombie creatures).