Saint Michael, Patron Saint of Leggings

Saint Michael.... Warrior of Heaven,Patron Saint of Germany, Grocers, Paratroopers... and wearer of FABULOUS LEGGINGSSimple, yet classy.The Slightly Regrettable Stirup Pant Don't Tell Cari About the Owl LeggingsFestive.Decorative.Geometric.Inspiring a Legion of Angels to Look Amazing While Smiting the Devil.Saint Michael, Patron Saint of Leggings.  Pray for us; that we might always remember that leggings, while versatile... Continue Reading →


(there's so much I could add to this list - if there's something I've forgotten to list it's probably not intentional)I don't normally use this space to get political - in fact, I don't want to get political now, this isn't about politics for me.  I know that many of my friends and family and... Continue Reading →

The Family: A Mission

"As Mary and Joseph also did, and it was not easy: how many difficulties they had to overcome! They were not a superficial family, they were not an unreal family. The family of Nazareth urges us to rediscover the vocation and mission of the family, of every family."~Pope FrancisThe family, such a simple yet complicated... Continue Reading →

A Little Inspiration

"We are called, rather, to review our own lifestyle which is always exposed to the risk of being “contaminated” by a worldly mentality — individualist, consumerist, hedonist — and to rediscover ever again the royal road, in order to live and proclaim the grandeur and beauty of marriage and the joy of being and making... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Cycle

I swear my entire house has never been clean at once.  If one part is in good shape that means the other half is crazyBut, inspired by all the thousands of KonMari related posts out there (seriously so many I haven't bothered to read the book because I think you've all covered it all) I... Continue Reading →

A Little Avatar

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes; we'll get thru this too.But now on to happier things.  When I saw this yarn on Etsy earlier this year I knew it was just perfect for us, but it took me a while to find the right pattern.  Pieces of Eight turned out to... Continue Reading →

7 QT’s On the Bright Side

Just for you:  a few things that are brightening my day, a few good things to look forward too.1.  Sometime soon I should be getting my Kickstarter backed copy of this:Such good artwork, such good story telling.  Plus, it's fan supported art, which I love.2.  Speaking of fan supported art.  This is also coming up.3.... Continue Reading →

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