The Beginning

Well we did.  We have the first and second day of preschool under our belts and you know what?  The earth didn’t shake.  We got out of the house on time – with a little help via a first day donut.  The kiddo spent two and a half hours with other adults and children.  He came home.  He has been excited to tell me that on day one he learned “the rules” and on day two he learned “about logs”.  There hasn’t been any giant rift in our life and he did not come home raging against church and parental authority (give it time I guess).  It was just a new thing to our day and he likes it and it’s not so bad.  He still came home and played – using that imagination they did not manage to squash by making him conform to coloring a paper crayon! ::wink wink::

Now of course I’m not going to do what drives me crazy in the bloggin world …. “We’re on Day 2 of our life changing new schematic/curriculum/life adventure and it’s going great and will continue to do so!”  Who knows what tomorrow brings, let alone next year, but so far so good.  We did it.

It’s been a good practise in following what’s best for him – not what I hope is best based on parenting trends or my own, very idealist, expectations.

We did it.  We’re going back tomorrow.  The world didn’t implode.  Go Team.

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  1. Arhg, just deleted my comment. I try again.
    I really would love to be a homeschooling mom – it would be so cool! But truth to be said I don't think it would be a good match for us (never mind that is also virtually illigal here in the Netherlands). I made a conscious deciscion to be positive about our childrens school. Even though I don't agree with everything I want them to value the experience and learning in general. I would not be too worried about him raging against the church – it will give you a great opportunity to explain what you believe and why. That can only deepen his understanding.
    ps. I love the school cone, always wanted to have one of those!


  2. I get the feeling (could be totally wrong) that H. is the kind of child who will really thrive in a structured learning environment. He has a natural curiosity and is an excellent communicator. I won't be surprised if (when!!) things continue to go well. Go team indeed! Like

  3. I like the weird heart! I think the schedule is going to good for us – I'm really not great about sticking to ones I make myself so we just don't get to things when it's 100% me. I think he's going to be one of those kids who just likes school too, so honestly I'm not too worried.


  4. I forgot to write about the cone! I decided the night before that I wanted to do something special to help ease the transition and give him a reason to be excited in the morning rather than focusing on being away. I remembered learning about Schultute's a while ago and always thought they were so cute – so I made one with some craft stuff I had in the house and got him a new book, some new crayons, a snack and a toy from the dollar store. I hope I get to keep this up for a couple years. =)


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