7 QT’s On the Bright Side

Just for you:  a few things that are brightening my day, a few good things to look forward too.

1.  Sometime soon I should be getting my Kickstarter backed copy of this:

Such good artwork, such good story telling.  Plus, it’s fan supported art, which I love.

2.  Speaking of fan supported art.  This is also coming up.

3.  And this.

4.  And yet one more.  I love being part of crowdfunding/kickstarting projects of my favorite artists, writers, comic makers.  I feel like we’re finally set up in a way to help artists make the exact kind of art they want to make – no middle man.

5.  Sometime soon I’ll have this at my doorstep and get to see what my surprise colorway is.

6.  Speaking of knitting.  This shall soon be mine (along with a knitting swift and a ball winder).  It’s like I’m a grown up or something.

7.  Speaking of the Doctor.  Ben and I are slowly making our way through the most recent season on Netflix, but can we all just agree that Robin Hood episode was pretty weak?

I’m glad I have so much to keep me busy and occupied right now.  I need it.  The quick and dirty low-down is that we lost another pregnancy this week.  It was shorter and lost much earlier than my last three losses – not even two weeks out from that surprize positive.  So it’s been easier in some ways, and harder in others.  There’s still a lot of process to do, and a lot of questions we need to ask ourselves.  I’m a “maker” by nature, that’s what I’m called to do and part of what I struggle with everytime this happens is figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing, be making instead of the lives that have left me.  So now I focus on make things – making socks and sweater, making care pacakages and surprizes for other peoples families, helping artists I admire (and those are few and far between) fill this world with beauty (and zombie creatures).

16 thoughts on “7 QT’s On the Bright Side

  1. Molly, I am so sorry to hear about your loss-praying for you and your family.

    On a more lighthearted note, though, I feel the need to completely appreciate the TARDIS knitting needle gauge!!!! That's so amazing!!! Oh, and the Robin Hood episode was definitely a bit weak; but there ARE some really great episodes in Series 8, like “Listen,” and the unabashedly pro-life “Kill the Moon.” I know that while some people weren't huge fans of those episodes or the finale, I really like those two and the finale. Clara isn't my favorite companion, and Capaldi isn't my favorite Doctor, but they are both growing on me 🙂 Plus, the trailers for the new Series look really, really good, so I'm feeling optimistic!


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