A Little Avatar

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes; we’ll get thru this too.

But now on to happier things.  When I saw this yarn on Etsy earlier this year I knew it was just perfect for us, but it took me a while to find the right pattern.  Pieces of Eight turned out to be the perfect pattern, swirly and fun, but still something useful.

The yarn is inspired by Aang from the The Last Airbender series.  Yes, it’s a cartoon.  Yes, it was made for children, but we love it.  It’s one of those series that’s a bit deeper than it seems on the outside and matured with its storyline.

They knitted up a bit small, partially due to the yarn and partially because I was trying to be conservative with the yarn.  They fit my hands tightly, but they fit Henry’s had perfectly.  So I managed to get a few action shots of the young Avatar in training with his new gloves.

5 thoughts on “A Little Avatar

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  1. Those are stunning, Molly!

    I feel sorta helpless, frustrated, and angry, that all I can do is offer my prayers. So let me know if there's anything practical I can do in the meantime. <3

    Afon went to his first day of school today! Wish he and Henry could be playmates!


  2. Molly, it makes me so excited that there is another geeky Catholic crafter out there!!!!! These gloves are totally awesome, and this makes me really happy 🙂 My husband and I love that show; we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary a month ago, and it was Avatar-themed (we ate ATLA food, I wore my “airbender”-inspired outfit, and watched some of Book 3). Right now I'm on a Doctor Who crafting kick (I'm crocheting a dalek-cozy for my French Press coffee maker), but I will have to try something Avatar-related soon!


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