Cleaning Cycle

I swear my entire house has never been clean at once.  If one part is in good shape that means the other half is crazy

But, inspired by all the thousands of KonMari related posts out there (seriously so many I haven’t bothered to read the book because I think you’ve all covered it all) I did want to get some tidying and cleaning out of the way before the weather gets cold.

It’s nice to have clean shelves to look at and I’m trying hard not to give myself places to pile things up for months at a time and ignore.  Plus there’s just a lot in our house that we don’t need or use so I’ve tried to get some good purging done – craft things, random gifts from family they’ve probably forgotten about but I get worried they’re keeping tabs, books that I’ll never read again but like to subconsciously use as a status symbol.

This is pretty much what I’ve been working on all month along with get this year’s Mom’s group up and running, and getting things figured out to start teaching RE this week.  I won’t even divulge exactly how many knitting projects I have going at once; it might rhyme with shmeven or beight – though I think I might be forgetting one or two.

And honestly I’ve been feeling a little uninspired here and with a fresh round of GOMI trolling going around my blogging group I really need to think about why I’m doing this.  So far from my GOMI reading I haven’t been mentioned – good or bad – but it makes me wonder if some of my readers think that way about me.  Do you think I’m fake or making things up?  Do you think my life is too perfect to be real or that I’m just a hot mess?  Honestly, I hope that if I’m not your cup of tea you’re not reading this at all, but I can’t deny anymore that that’s not the case.

I’d like to typing out here how I’m a pretty normal girl, my family has it’s ups and downs and that my life probably seems more peachy here than it is – and that’s not entirely intention (more of an unwritten “don’t air dirty laundry” kind of rule for me).  But those of you who already get that don’t need to read it and any of you who would just pass me off as being fake are going to do that anyways.

So I’m going through my own cleaning cycle too – figuring out what goes and what stays, what’s important for me to share and keep to myself.  I still enjoy being here and I’m glad for what this blog allows me to do – meet new people, have an outlet for my experiences and feelings, a place to share a few pictures (always shot on “automatic” if you’re interested), occasionally help out a friend’s small business or writing venture.  That’s really all I want from this space and I hope that’s what you take away from it too.  If I’m not for you – if reading things here makes you scoff and roll your eyes or go on snarky little tirades on your anonymous, contentless, sponsored by lots of advertising website then I’ll be perfectly happy if you clean my blog out of your que – we’re just not meant for each other and that’s okay.  If you’re here because we might be a little bit kindred I hope you’ll stay, I’ve enjoyed having you here.

11 thoughts on “Cleaning Cycle

  1. Your Narnia books! They're beautiful! Where are they from? Mine are all the 70s paperbacks and are falling apart… I need replacements but I don't want new editions because of the wrong numbers 😦


  2. They were my mom's. They're probably from the 50's or 60's (she also has the original LOTR and Hobbit red/green leather boxed hardbacks too that I've yet to inherit!) They're starting to get a little fragile.


  3. Amazing! I love love originals! Too bad I waitwd to long to realize how much I hearted them – now they cost bundles! Also, I love your online presence. Praying for everyone involved in the rude site and for all women who share themselves in hopes to share some goodness. Hugs!


  4. Molly I love you! I love what you write and I applaud you for what you share from your life. Life is beautiful, and ugly, sparkling, and messy. You have opened and shared your journey with us. I am constantly inspired by you!


  5. Thank you for sharing your journey, the geekery, the Catholic, the crafty, the clever, the messy: it's a good mix. Sensible people know that you can't/don't/shouldn't share every detail… that's silly. Thanks for making the internet a better place. 🙂


  6. I can't imagine anyone ever reading you and thinking you were anything other than totally genuine, but I agree that the whole GOMI situation has made me afraid of what people who read what I write on my blog actually think of me. I hadn't really considered it before, but odds are someone must read me and think I'm totally lame or ruining my children or just doing everything wrong–which are all probably at least
    occasionally true, but still–it really takes the fun out of blogging.


  7. I've never thought you were anything other than genuine. I love reading what you have to say! I totally understand, though… I only stayed on the GOMI site for a hot second, but it still was bumming me out. It's hard when it feels like all that negativity sucks the fun out of blogging.


  8. I feel exactly the same way sometimes. There seems to never be enough time in the day or even the month to get the entire house clean all at once. Of course, having a 5 year old running around and making a mess right behind me after I clean probably doesn't help any.


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