My Superpower

My friend Mandi (who blogs at A Blog About Miscarriage, and is expecting a baby in next few weeks - pray for her!) shared this article about the developing idea of microchimerism - the idea that fetal cells stay in the mother's body, travel through the body and aid the mother throughout her life.When we... Continue Reading →

Around the House in Books

Life is busy - preschool, work, crafting, teaching, traveling and so much more.  I've been feeling a big draw to "do" during this season of life, hence teaching R.E. and trying to get my ducks in a row to do a little volunteering at a local pro-life center if I can.  Combine that with the... Continue Reading →

Defeated, Rinse, Repeat

We just got back from a quickly little vacation up north, and while I was expecting to get back tired I wasn't expecting to get back this defeated.  I didn't expect to be fought by a suddenly stubborn four-year-old every step of this trip, for the whining, for the tantrums, for the complete lack of... Continue Reading →

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