Advent: A Little Goes a Long Way.

These past few months with my Religious Education students has really been great.  They've reminded me how much I love interacting with 7th graders, how exhausting teaching can be and how much we discount the pre-teens in our society.  They are in the perfect cusp of age where they still see learning as possibly cool,... Continue Reading →

Of Leaves and Legos

Not much to say here.  I've been fighting the bronchitis that just won't quit for over two weeks now.  I'm sore, sick and exhausted.  I've also, in my typical style, bitten off more that I can chew in terms of extra projects and feel like I'm just treading water right now - there just aren't... Continue Reading →

This is Halloween.

I'm ready for a long winter's nap.  Another Halloween has come and gone.  A successful homemade costume if I say so myself, a little fun sewing for myself and the decorating all came together.  The pumpkins were carved in the traditional "Shark, Skeleton Fish, and Squid Fight a Sperm Whale" motifs, along with some scary... Continue Reading →

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