The Long Wait for Christmas

Christmas, it finally arrived.  This was the first year I really felt I was able to live the Advent spirit.  The waiting, the doing of things slowly and intentional, the not doing of some things all together.  Since November, there has been a lot of waiting, a lot of hesitant, but joyful anticipation all leading... Continue Reading →


Still so much to do, but so much done over the last few days.  After way to long with one member of this family out with a bug of one kind of another (I'm talking since Halloween) all of us were finally able to tackle some long overdue cleaning in the house.  It had reached... Continue Reading →

St. Nicholas Arrives

St. Nicholas has arrived.  I'm really liking what our St. Nicholas traditions are becoming.  What was once just gifts of pretty wooden animal toys has become an intentional filling of the manger.  "Santa" is planning on surprising Henry with a Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus this year on Christmas when we fill up the barn... Continue Reading →

In Good Time

Slowly, slowly.  That's been the apparently theme this year.  Things have gotten off to a very slow, but very enjoyable start.  Various projects and things have been requiring me to pace myself and it works.Decorations and cleaning are going in stages and it feels right for Advent.  Like those last few weeks anticipating a new... Continue Reading →

A St. Nicholas Lesson

My 7th grade Religious Education stuents picked St. Nicholas as our patron Saint for the year, and with his feast day coming up I wanted to do something special.  So today I put together a little goody bag of St. Nick related things for them.Included:An Orange: A Traditional gift symbolizing St. Nicholas' giving of gold.Candy... Continue Reading →

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