Announcing the "Finding Your Fiat Catholic Women’s Conference"!!!

Some friends and I have been working on something behind the scenes for a couple of months now and today is the day I finally get to tell everyone. 

This summer, June 24-25, Bonnie EngstromAbbey Davis Dupuy, Annie T. and I will be offering a Catholic women’s conference called Finding Your Fiat.

From Bonnie:
“We really believe it will be great. We talked about what we wanted in a conference (a fun, come as you are night out + talks given by women we know and admire who can speak to our hearts about our lives + affordable!) and then we set out to make it happen. 
We kept things simple (no vendors, no swag bags, nothing too fancy) which kept ticket prices and our stress levels low. We focused on bringing in great speakers and a yummy lunch and booked a parish hall so we could have access to Reconciliation, Mass, and a quiet chapel to pray. 
Our speakers will be amazing! Jenna Guizar and Meg Hunter-Kilmer will be keynoting and our growing list of breakout speakers already includes Annie Tillberg and Marie Miller.
Friday night we’re co-hosting a Girls’ Night Out with Blessed Is She and it will be wonderful. So. Much. Fun.
Tickets will go on sale soon but we wanted to share the date and info with you now so you can make plans and possibly add it to your Christmas wishlist. 
You can learn more about the Finding Your Fiat conference at our website. And I hope I can see you this summer!”
From Molly:
We want you to know that this is first and foremost about meeting women where they are – we hope to have something to interest older and younger women, mothers, single women, women discerning their vocations or facing struggles in their lives.  Among our two keynote and 6 breakout speakers we hope that there is something for each of us.
We want this to be something that is just fun, no stress.  By offering Friday only, Saturday only and Weekend Bundle tickets we hope we can help fit your schedule and budget.  By keeping things simple in our venue, decor, group size (tickets are limited!) and other offerings we hope you feel at ease.
We hope this is just what you need and hope to see you next summer!

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