In Good Time

Slowly, slowly.  That’s been the apparently theme this year.  Things have gotten off to a very slow, but very enjoyable start.  Various projects and things have been requiring me to pace myself and it works.

Decorations and cleaning are going in stages and it feels right for Advent.  Like those last few weeks anticipating a new baby, things get done, but often slowly.  A bit of work here, a rest there.

I want to remember for next year that St. Nicholas Day is a good day to get things going.  It was nice to give myself a week after Thanksgiving to get things done and not rush the Advent stuff.  Of course it’s important, but catching up on four or five days of Advent calendars and little traditions at once later in the week still felt just as good.

Now I feel ready to pull out the rest of the Christmas books, and the lights and maybe a book for myself off the shelf.  Early this week it just felt too soon; too rushed.

There are still plenty of thigs to do, corners to clean, decorations to get out, and lights to be strung.  But somethings you just can’t rush.  All in good time.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I always usually have everything up and decorated just after Thanksgiving. This year is different. I honestly don't want to “do Christmas” after losing our daughter last year, but I do. I am trudging though for my son and my husband and for me too I guess. But it's been slow going, I can only do a little at a time. I felt about this until I read this. I like taking more time. I hope my son remembers each sweet little moment and event we do. It's not a crazed day getting every decoration out. It's one day taking the time decorate a tree and then maybe a week later putting out decorations. I think my son will have a better memory of this “new Christmas” of ours if we take the time to really embrace it and feel it all.


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