Dreaming in Fabric

I've been daydreaming in fabric recently.  Big, bold and kind of silly dreams.Sweet and whimsical dreams.Soft and simple dreams.Now for the time (and budget) to make it all a reality.....*all images from Fabric.com*

Lots of Lists

Sorry for the quiet.  Things are going quite well on this end - so well, in fact, it's lead to more than a few moments of panic.  You see, I'm not used to feeling alright during pregnancy and actually having that be okay.  A FB/blogging friend was nice enough to send me her fetal doppler... Continue Reading →

Slow Day

I declared today a slow day.  My day off, coinciding with freezing temperature mean that I call it a home day and we stay home from preschool and all other responsibilities.There's bee a lot of playing, and crafting and planning and eating and T.V watching and cuddles.  And honestly, that sums up a lot of... Continue Reading →

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