Never Quite Perfect

It's never quite perfect around here.  There's always stuff on the kitchen table.  There's always something I haven't found a home for on the counters.  There's always something waiting to be put away on the steps and the mantle is never pristine.  The house is never immaculate or trendy and there are a lot of... Continue Reading →

A Little Ray of Sunshine.

Hello, sweetheart...We're pleased to announce that Henry is getting his wish.A little sister.To say we're excited is an understatement.  So much to take in, so much I've given myself permission to enjoy this time around.  Letting myself go crazy with the crafts and the new diapers and the little details, because I think we've earned... Continue Reading →

Failing in February

It snowed again.... yay....Can we all just agree that February might just be the worst month?  Around here it's the final hump in the long slog of winter - the fun has all worn off, we're tired of cold and snow, there are no good holidays left to celebrate (and we're burnt out on the... Continue Reading →

One More Thing Before You Go

I know Lent calls many people to be offline so before you go I wanted to remind you of the "Finding Your Fiat Conference" this summer.We now have most, if not all, of our speakers lined up and confirmed and it's going to be a wonderful event.Our headliners include:Jenna from Blessed is She MinistriesMeg, a... Continue Reading →

But It Wasn’t A Love Story

::this post contains spoilers about the books "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes::The other night I saw a cute movie preview flash across my screen.  It was for the upcoming film version of "Me Before You"; the movie preview looked adorable and I was in need of a lighthearted read as I get into my... Continue Reading →

Verbing Lent

I think I can say, for once, I'm glad Lent is here.  Between the baby, the holidays, life in general and winter I've been in a bit of a slump and sometimes slumps are hard to work out of.A big part of the slump is that I'm new to a lot of this.  I don't... Continue Reading →

Rains: Pours

Well, that was a fun couple of days.  Saturday kicked off with a pre-birthday trip to let H. pick out his birthday presents and on the car ride up the husband and I got to talking about the pre-baby reorganization our house desperately needs; namely starting off with officially deeming our downstairs "big kid" land... Continue Reading →

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