Rains: Pours

Well, that was a fun couple of days.  Saturday kicked off with a pre-birthday trip to let H. pick out his birthday presents and on the car ride up the husband and I got to talking about the pre-baby reorganization our house desperately needs; namely starting off with officially deeming our downstairs “big kid” land where all the big kid toys (with the thousand little parts) will live once the baby gets here.  Little did we know that when we got home we’d have a surprise that would kick it all into high gear.


I walked into the basement to find, out of nowhere, a black mold about the size of a dinner plate climbing up the wall from between the wall and the baseboard.   What. the. eff.

Well when you have a small child, an asthmatic and a pregnant lady all living in the same house you don’t mess around.  My industrial hygienist of a father was over shortly and we unofficially decided that it wasn’t the super dangerous stuff, but that we weren’t going to just shoot it with bleach and call it good…. so they tore out the entire section of the drywall.  The moldy part was only a few inches high along about 3ft of the bottom (plus the insulation and a little framing), but it was easier to just rip it all out.  By Sunday morning my wall looked like this.

And the rest of the basement looked like this.

By the weekend, we’ll be able to texturize and paint and be done, but boy wasn’t that exciting?!?  Don’t worry, I had little to do with the demo or cleaning process.  This prego lady manned a few Walmart runs for supplies and then excused herself out to dinner to be safe.

On a more pleasant note of flurry like activity.  This little man has discovered art, thank you preschool.  He’s been drawing and painting up a storm over the last few days and I’m so proud of him.  Really goes to show that sometimes what they need is for you not to push them.  He’s never been too interested in art or drawing and over the last month he’s been asking for paper and doing little stick figures all leading up to yesterday, which just blew me away.  Follow the child indeed.

And it all can’t be rainbows and unicorn.  This is the little guy all tuckered out from being traumatized by his mother when he asked about dying and heaven.  Both of which he is tearfully insistent he doesn’t want to happen or go to…. ever.  5 year old religious education…. nailed it.

Hopefully that’s all the excitement in our house for at least another week.

2 thoughts on “Rains: Pours

  1. Mold is so scary!! Glad it's taken care of now, but ugh, how stressful for you. 😦

    I'm glad I'm not the only one whose child is upset about dying and heaven. My almost-4-year-old is VERY insistent that he doesn't want to go there, or die, ever. We have to be pretty careful about that topic around here. 😦 Just hoping he's not scarred for life …


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