Failing in February

It snowed again…. yay….

Can we all just agree that February might just be the worst month?  Around here it’s the final hump in the long slog of winter – the fun has all worn off, we’re tired of cold and snow, there are no good holidays left to celebrate (and we’re burnt out on the decorations, the food, the effort even if there were), we’re tired of the weather dictating what we can do  The combination of all of that is just the perfect recipe for having too much time on our hands to hyper-analyze everything in our lives.

It’s always the time of year I feel worst about our situation – whatever that situation is.  It’s the time of year I have way too much time to play the comparison game and feel inadequate about our jobs, our finances, our adventures (or lack there of), our plans for the future.  It’s the time of year when I’m once again in shock by how much junk there is in my house, in my kitchen, in my body, and in my mind.

Let’s pretend this is some installation art depicting February and not the current state of my kitchen table.

I’m so tired of the Februaries.

I think this year is hitting me particularly hard because I’m just wading out of the early pregnancy upheaval – the last couple of months have just been about getting to the next day and our routines, our food and all those little things have taken a serious hit.  At the same time, we’re in a tentative spot waiting for *everything* to change soon – the new baby this summer, the new adventure of school this fall.  I like to make plans and I don’t feel like I can; it’s a horrible sense of limbo.

This is February

I’m so ready for February to be over.  I’m ready to see if any of the bulbs I planted last year survived for the spring.  I’m ready for the grass to start growing again.  I’m ready for open windows and stringing up the clothes line (and I’m oh so ready for baby clothes and cloth diapers on that line again!).  I’m ready to be able to make some plans or, at least, do something.  Who’s with me?

10 thoughts on “Failing in February

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  1. I agree, February be gone! While we've had a mild winter in Michigan I am ready for the little snow and cold we've had to be gone! Hope your pregnancy is going well:)


  2. I hate that feeling of needing to plan but not being able to. In my life, it takes the form of w a i t i n g to immigrate so I can return home to my husband and eldest. 😛

    (Christie, from someone else's google account)


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