Easter Shots

Well, I don't know about you but I pretty much did nothing for Lent, but yet I don't feel like I failed at it.  I feel like I was supposed just stop trying so hard.  So we didn't do much except for meatless meals, and a few personal goals.  I didn't even print out that... Continue Reading →

The Thoughts

Oh this is going to be a brain dump, just warning you.This little blog of mine has been such a comfort over the last few years - it's been my private journal and my public therapy all in one place and truth be told, I'm not sure what to do with it right now.  I... Continue Reading →

Yarn Along with Flowers

I guess you could say I've been using my second tri energy to my best advantage.  I'm about 99% done with Henry's Blanket (weaving in ends and a little block to do, but it's usable) and I just started on Baby Girl's Blanket.  They're both the Bounce Blanket Pattern from Tin Can Knits.Then I found... Continue Reading →

Nesting : Part One

Waiting to be banished downstairs forever...Blissful sanctuary... probably not... but it's easy money to guess which pictures were hung by my 6 foot husband at "eye level" Everyone had "that chair" .... right?So orange.  Much retro.Oh magic pictures that make my house look bigger than it is and magic 2nd tri energy that's letting me tackle... Continue Reading →

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