Nesting : Part One

Waiting to be banished downstairs forever…

Blissful sanctuary… probably not… but it’s easy money to guess which pictures were hung by my 6 foot husband at “eye level” 

Everyone had “that chair” …. right?

So orange.  Much retro.

Oh magic pictures that make my house look bigger than it is and magic 2nd tri energy that’s letting me tackle all this cleaning.

We’re trying to get all the toys down to the basement, clean our the bedrooms, rearrtrange the bedrooms to accommodate a new little person and purge like crazy.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in years of home ownership it’s the joy of white space…. not having every corner filled with furniture or surface covered with stuff.  It’s a process and interior decorator I’m not.  I’m just doing my best with the much loved and very second hand everything in my home.

There’s still alot to finish and some furniture to rearrange, a dresser to acquire and stuff to sneak out of the house while the boys are away, but it’s progress…. and it’ll inlt look like this until the mini tornado comes home in a few hours so I’m just going to savor it in silence just a little bit longer.

One thought on “Nesting : Part One

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  1. Great job! And also, hanging things at eye level when you're six feet tall is legitimately difficult! You vertically challenged ladies just can't understand the pain us giants face 😊


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