Yarn Along with Flowers

I guess you could say I’ve been using my second tri energy to my best advantage.  I’m about 99% done with Henry’s Blanket (weaving in ends and a little block to do, but it’s usable) and I just started on Baby Girl’s Blanket.  They’re both the Bounce Blanket Pattern from Tin Can Knits.

Then I found a box of Daffodil and Tulip bulbs that I never got into the ground last year, they looked like they might still have some fight in them so off to Goodwill I went and stocked up on some vases.  Two days late and it looks like new roots are sprouting!   So hopeful a few pretty flowers will be inside the house in a few weeks while I wait impatiently for my outdoor ones to really take off.

Then there are the other random projects I’ve been doing at the same time.  The same trip to Goodwill brought home a bunch of picture frames for the various things I’ve had waiting for frames for way too long so now I’m rearranging just about every picture in the house… like you do when you’re already in nesting mode at about 24 weeks.

Then there’s that stack of fabric.  Mama is running out of tops that fit so as part of my birthday present I got a couple hours by myself in the fabric store.  Dangerous, I know.  I came home with some nice, soft fabrics and am slowly working on a couple simple dresses and tops.  Trying to guess which size to cut out is a bit of a challenge, but hopefully, I can wear these things thru May at least, and then post-partum during the hottest part of the year.  I’ve been tackling this is stages.  Prepped the fabric last week, cut out the patterns on Monday.  I’m hoping to carve out an hour or two before the weekend to cut fabric and then we’ll be in a holding pattern for the serger I may have impulse bought on Ebay to arrive.  Then I’ll tackle serging one day and sewing over my next weekend off after that.   But hopefully by April, I’ll have a couple dresses and a couple t-shirts ready to go.

Then it will be time to start cutting out baby things =D

Linking up with Ginny over at Small Things today.

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