Easter Shots

Well, I don’t know about you but I pretty much did nothing for Lent, but yet I don’t feel like I failed at it.  I feel like I was supposed just stop trying so hard.  So we didn’t do much except for meatless meals, and a few personal goals.  I didn’t even print out that calendar for the kid to color in.  And yet, Easter came and I still feel like we “got it”.  We went to church, there was an Easter basket, we read our Tomie De Paola story about the resurrection, Henry could answer questions about why we celebrate Easter, I put up exactly one Easter decoration so far,  we spent time with family, ate some good food and that’s about it.  We haven’t even done “Easter things” yet.  Making some Easter cookies is on the schedule for Wednesday and dying Easter Eggs for possibly Thursday…. we’re taking it slow.

It felt right, even though we didn’t do all the things.  In fact, I’m glad I stepped back because I also want what our family does to be more than about Mom hustling everyone out the door – it was nice when my husband was the one to remind me that he picked up seafood for dinner on a Friday, when he took Henry to Palm Sunday service when I was just a little too exhausted from a day at work to shuffle out the door.  It was a good reminder to let others take the lead.

We also have been enjoying the benefits of having a five-year-old; his behavior recently has not been great – a lot of stopping to remind ourselves that the hard work now will be rewarded down the line, but this weekend he was on point.  No fussing over food at dinner, helping to clean up, good about bedtime, really good at Church on Sunday Morning.  Far from perfect, but definitely a nice break in the weather.

In fact, I even tackled a few of my projects this weekend (and ignored pesky things like laundry) and rocked out my bird shirt and a maternity dress along with officially finishing Henry’s blanket and working steadily on Baby Girl’s.

The maternity sewing is hard to figure out and I’m not sure if I’ll do much more.  I wear scrubs 4-5 days a week and just need a few things to see me thru to July.  Maybe one more shirt, and then I’ll leave the rest to post-partum.  In about a month I’ll be on to my rotations of 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and 2 dresses that fit, but I think I’ll make it.  I’d like to finish something for Henry in the mean time and maybe do one or two little girl sewing projects.

Also, forcing bulbs inside?  Stroke of genius – next year I need to remember to start them about one week earlier so they’re ready for Easter.

I’m not doing a lot of gardening this year, but I did managing to throw a few more bulbs in the ground today – hoping for a few more outdoor tulips and some Dahlia’s (a “PomPom” mix by my trellis and a “Painter’s Palette Mix” in my back bed by the Raspberries) that will hopefully bloom right after the little Miss makes her entrance this summer.  The rest of the garden beds are getting a new layer of compost and then sewn at random with annual flower seeds, so we’ll see what comes up,  I’m hoping for a “cutting garden” this year to enjoy while I’m on maternity leave.

3 thoughts on “Easter Shots

  1. I need to do a more detailed post, but the shirt was a New Look 6025. I was going to do “look B”, but then the bunched up sleeves were not flattering on me, so I left them alone. Since I went up about 3-4 pattern sizes to accomodate the belly the neckline was way too big for me, so I threaded some elastic in the bias tape I used to finish off the neckline.


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