Deep Thoughts

Is there such a thing as the introspective part of pregnancy?  If not there should be; that’s where I’ve felt like I’m at for the last few weeks.  I’ve noticed the definite dip in energy as I officially enter the 3rd tri so I guess it makes sense that I need something to do while not feeling like doing much.

Sadly it’s that time of year when I feel like I should be doing a lot – it’s my favorite time of year when I normally get outside a lot more, tackle big projects, etc. and honestly I can’t help but beat myself up a little bit for all the things not getting done right now out of habit.  Oh how I want to be touching up the paint on the front step and weeding my garden beds and tackling the never-ending project that is our mudroom.

Instead, I’ve been spending a lot of time just sitting in front of this screen feeling a bit useless and watching all the creatures that feed at my growing array of birdfeeders.  We’ve even taken to giving them names:  thanks to my son we have Bob-Dude, Squirrel-Dude and Bird-Dude the Squirrels (you can tell them apart from the bushiness of their tails, plus Bob-Dude is a bit of bully and our resident acrobat), there are Martha and Herbert our neighborhoods Cardinals and the Capulets and Montagues – the chickadees and sparrows, respectively, who fight over the seed feeders.

Bob-Dude, above and Bird-Dude, below.

Squirrel-Dude snuck in while Bob-Due was foraging in the garden.

Do you bite your thumb at me,sir?

Herbert, checking out the marketplace for Martha to make sure those Montagues aren’t causing a scene.

I haven’t done the dishes since this weekend, but at least the wildlife is named.  (as I’ve been typing this I spotted my first House Finch… now to think of more names)

This last weekend we went out of town; driving up to Minnesota to support one of Ben’s cousins as he received his Eagle Scout award.  There are five Eagle Scouts among Ben’s cousins, Ben included and I’m quite proud of them.  There were, I think, 15 Eagle Scouts in attendance at this ceremony, all the ES cousins and then some which was quite a sight.

Listening to all the things this particular young man has accomplished just in his earlier teenage years really sent my mind spinning.  Not only about realizing how much my “me time” is about to go up in smoke after this coming year, but also about that age old question of how many activities and other stuff is good.  I have no doubt this family was very busy over the last few  years and a part of me says “But what about dinner, and time to just relax, etc.” like we’ve been hearing constantly over the last few years, but part of me is so impressed at what has been accomplished – the places seen and the things done – and looking back at my own high school years I feel like I see more time wasted by not being so involved with skills not learned and opportunities not taken.  And of course, since it’s me, I feel the urge to have this all figured out before kindergarten starts in the fall…. silly me.  But it’s definitely given me some food for thought,

Today though, today is for making some to do lists, and doing some dishes and putting away some laundry and figuring out what I’m teaching at RE tonight and all that fun stuff that does not require as much thought, but needs to get done.