The Dream

Okay, before I go further I just wanted to recognize that this story will probably sound crazy to a lot of people.  Maybe it's just a happy coincidence or maybe it's just a random stroke of luck; how you read this will depend on your personal beliefs, but it's my crazy story and I've been... Continue Reading →

I’m Struggling With Breastfeeding

There I said it.I'm struggling with breastfeeding, big time.It's not just the actual act of breastfeeding I'm struggling with either - it's everything this act is dredging up in me.  Lots of insecurities and second-guessing my own fortitude and motives.I know it's not easy and I know we've run into some snags that have complicated... Continue Reading →


Just activating this old thing for a little while to share our happiness.  Miss Helena Mary joined us on July 1st and 10:38 in the morning, about a week before her due date:7 lbs 7 oz20.5 inches longShe's such a joy even though she's definitely teaching me new lessons about "best laid" plans.  At her... Continue Reading →

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