Attention Grabbers

It should come to no surprise that I’m in a season of life that doesn’t leave a lot of time for this space – baby, job, school aged kid, etc. – there are just a lot of “right now” demands on my time, so I apologize for only popping in every now and then.  I have about a dozen half finished posts, but half of them don’t feel right to share and the other half I’m saving for future Blessed is She devotions.  I’ve definitely been feeling a pull to buckle down on writing and deliver more polished work, maybe even start to branch out a bit and do a bit more (when I find the time).

But for now this is me popping in to share a few goodies:

Thank goodness for Audible – I think it’s the only way I’m really going to get through a book anytime soon.  It’s not that I can’t find a little time for reading, but my to do list is long and my attention span is non-existent right now so audiobooks are really filling that need.  I’ve been listening to things through my husbands account which works fine, but I think it’s time to get my own so I don’t have wait and see what he uses his credit for each month.  What am I currently working my way through there?  Don’t Laugh Too Hard, I’m a nerd in a family of nerds and it’s actually not that bad and fills in some gaps with the current accepted Star Wars cannon for the new movies.

And one of the big reasons I’m listening to that is that we’ve been celebrating “Star Wars” Friday at my house since August – we’ve made our way through the first 6 movies (oh that prequels are just as terrible as I had remembered) and are now making our way through Clone Wars and then eventually Rebels.  Just a weekly family pizza and movie night on Friday – you might have seen me sharing my collection of Star Wars earrings on Instagram that I wear each Friday to get in the spirit.  Though I think I need to add these to my Christmas List.  I still stand by my firm belief that while Anakin Skywalker is a whiny brat, Obi-Wan Kenobi is not only the worst.Jedi.ever. but also a horrible human being (by dream is that one day we’ll reboot the prequels, wiping them from cannon and learn the “real” story of Anakin and Obi-Wan).

Okay enough nerding.

Okay maybe just a little bit more.

If you need a good picture book for your kids and you have a D&D gamer in your family – you need this book from Ben Hatke.  His newest graphic novel is excellent too.

We’re currently making our way through “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” with Henry and will probably take a break from Star Wars night when we finish it to watch the movie with him (note to self, need to find LWW earrings).

When we’re done with LWW we’ve got the new Missy Piggle-Wiggle to try out and the first Wingfeather book and George’s Secret Key to the Universe; I’m not sure if the later is going to be a great read aloud, but I’m really excited to have found it for my very literal, science minded son – it’s a chapter book written by Lucy and Stephen Hawking, and through out the story there are facts and information on various bits of science the book covers.  This one talks about Light, Stars, the Solar System, Black Holes, etc.

Other than all of that I’ve been working on our Pokemon themed Halloween and just about have that wrapped up and then it’s on to Martinmas presents for everyone – some quick, simple hats are in order I think.  So lots more doing – not so much time for puttering around on the computer.

What has everyone else been up to?