Where Are You?

Apparently the answer to that questions is an emphatic:  Not Here.

I’ve been busy, two kids, a full time job and numerous side projects is a busy life.  I’m not gone from the blog completely, I’ve just been needing to be particular about my time and efforts right now.  For the last year or so I’ve been privately working on some personal improvements like housekeeping and time management which has resulted in a big spin on how I’ve been spending my time.  I’ve been slowly improving at prioritizing my home-care and family time and being more intentional in the time I’m spending on other work.

Of course, chronic over committer that I am it doesn’t mean I’ve actually decreased my commitments.  I’m still over at Blessed is She, and working with the team on the devotionals, FB live and Insta Stories and now helping refocus and reenergize our blog.  I’ve also signed on to write for a Catholic news/opinon site, but I’ll be back to share about that when I finally write something up.  There’s nothing like saying “I can’t wait to write for you!” to cause a big ol’ case of writers block.

I’m also doing a lot that I don’t have time to share here – focusing on this little domestic monastary of mine, becoming more involved in our new parish and getting ready for next year when my son is old enough to start participating in more activities (Cub Scouts and the like).  I told my husband the other night it feels like the calm before the storm here. My free is soon to be a thing of the past I’m afraid.

But I’m here, just not here here.  I’m hoping to get back to book posts and things of that nature soon though!

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