New Year, New Books

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It’s that time again, I’ll have to type out another post with my personal resolutions, but for now the important part of the new year…. books!

I’m woefully behind in reading (new babies do that to you) and honestly feeling a bit ashamed at the depth and breadth of my general reading lists.  While I do love a good challenging, well written piece of fiction or non-fiction a busy life often leads me to much more easily digested fare – I read a lot of embarrasing trite fantasy novels this last year.  We’ll blame it on the pregnancy brain.

So this year I’m challenging myself to what feels like a good mix of easy and hard.  I’m sure the occasional trite fantasy read will find it’s way in, and I’ll probably reread some old favorites in the mix too.  But this is the goal for 2017.

How about you?

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Books

  1. This looks like an exciting list! I've always kept track of what I read each year but never sat down to write the books I hope to read in the next … I'm thinking I should do that this year.


  2. I'm reading The Life-Giving Home now with an online book club through Sarah MacKenzie!! I'm loooooving it!! I don't know if you knew this, but it's something you can read throughout the year. It's set up as sort of a monthly devotional. I'm also super interested in the Nightingale. A friend of mine read it and it sounds super fantastic. 😉 So glad to have found you online!!


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