New Beginings

Thank you for following me on my move to this new site.  Some of you might be wondering why I made this switch when I’ve been at Molly Makes Do for so long.  A little bit of everything inspired the move.  The biggest part of it was that I had outgrown MMD – it was a blog I created when life was not going so great.  I was a new mother, had just given up my theatrical work and moved cross-country back to my hometown after battling depression during my pregnancy.  We were living in my parent’s basement and nothing seemed to be going right and every day was a test to make the best of the situation while starting over again.  That’s where the title of the blog came from, I was really trying my best to make do with a life that was challenging me.

Now, it’s six years later and not only did we make do over those years, but we thrived and I feel like I’m at a different point of life and needed a new space to create and connect.  MMD was just my pet project with no real direction or theme and that worked well for me for a while, but I’ve grown since then and found my strengths and my limits so it was time for a fresh start.

I want The Merrier World to be a place where we all can celebrate thriving, creating and growing together whether you’re where I am today or where I was six years ago.  I want it to be about us and a little bit less about me and my family in particular – my children are growing and I’ve felt it’s time to take my family out of the spotlight and keep that space sacred a little longer.

This will still be a space to be me – I hope to continue on with the things I love: talking about my Catholic faith, my favorite books, my handicraft projects and pictures of life.  I still hope to share the true stories that created so many powerful relationships at MMD and to let my sense of humor shine a bit more.

I hope you’ll join me here to celebrate all those simple little things that makes the world a merrier place.

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