CWBN Conference and Changes

Photo credit:  Annie Sprat via Unsplash

This last weekend was the Catholic Women’s Blogging Network Conference in the Twin Cities.  I honestly have to admit that I signed up primarily to see some friends and have a reason to take a little vacation.  Blogging hasn’t been a priority recently, honestly since about the time of my last pregnancy.  Things felt stagnant and I really wasn’t sure where it all was going.  So other than a weekend of socializing I was hoping to come away with a better idea of what I was doing and where I was going with this all.

Nell, Haley, and Laura all gave some great talks – they challenged me to consider a lot of things about the current blogging world and my place in it.

I came away from this weekend renewed – this is a hobby for me, nothing I desire to make into a business.  This is a means of expressing myself creatively, supporting small business and fostering community.  I feel inspired now to make that a focal point of my online presence and recharged in my attitude.

However, that all comes with a cost.  A lot of my time was reflecting on what, when and how I am sharing my life online and one big decision came from it.  My time as “Molly Makes Do” has come to an end.  I’ve loved my last, almost, 6 years as MMD, but it has served its purpose and I feel as though I’ve spent some time in a little cocoon and am reemerging as something new.

I need to focus and limit what I’m sharing – particularly when it comes to my family and children – and the best way to do that was to start with something completely new.

So over the next couple months, I’ll be slowly saying goodbye to this space – eventually, MMD will redirect to my new site, some of my posts will go back into draft form, my FB page with shut down and my Instagram will go to private.  I hope you’ll follow me into this new venture – it will have more of the things we love at MMD:  book lists and crafts and stories and opinions, and even some new exciting things like an FB group to build community and a few fun projects that I can’t wait to work on.

Thank you for being here.  Thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the last few years – I’ve grown as a person because of it.  This blog and the community that has sprung from it has challenged and changed me as a person; I’m more confident, social and creative because of it.  This is not goodbye, this is growing and I hope that we’ll grow together.

While this site is not officially done, I hope to see you at my new project soon…..

4 thoughts on “CWBN Conference and Changes

  1. Good for you! I honestly was exhausted just hearing about all the work it takes to build a social media presence and monetize a blog. I do really love the community, though, so like you I'm trying to figure out which direction to go!


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