A Merry Manifest

We recently had a spate of sickness sweep through our house, I lasted until the last stand which was the culmination of a never ill child, three seconds warning and the viral christening of a grocery store floor.  I managed to last five more hours after that before finally succumbing and sleeping for a good part of the next day.  Of course, that doesn’t mean nothing of interest is floating through my head – oh I have thoughts; lots of thoughts and lots of opinions forming but for now just a list of the things that are worth noting.


I really wasn’t expecting much when I sat down to watch this the other night, but honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I don’t think it was the stomach flu altering my mind.  It wasn’t a perfect movie and there was plenty of camp and Matt Smith as Mr. Collins – well whatever, he’s the Doctor.  I’ll have more to say about period dramas soon, but this definitely proved a point I’ve had kicking around in my head.



Oh, this is almost perfect.  So close, and definitely worth a second listen, but I think Ms. Newton gets carried away with the gravelly voice of her Mr. Rochester.  Honestly, the Librivox version has done the best so far to capture, what is in my opinion, Jane’s dry sarcasm and wit and their tete-a-tete.  I want to say more, but we’ll talk more about period dramas soon I promise.  Overall though it’s a quality recording and worth a listen to or an addition to on your Audible wishlist.

This was a fun find – all six complete, mature Austen works in radio play format – and it was just what I needed to get through some long days at work.  I’d say the weakest of the six was “Emma”, but I must admit I’ve never gotten through a version of Emma – book, radio or film – without wanting to just smack the woman.  “Persuasion”, my all time favorite, was excellent and even “Mansfield Park”, which I rarely appreciate as I’ve been told I should, was fun to listen too.  There are some issues with consistent volume, it I felt I got my moneys worth from it.



Because I’m only reading about seven books at the moment I thought it right to add one more the list.  As many people know my family is a big fan of the “Avatar the Last Airbender” series, so when I saw a new YA book written by the lead creator I knew I needed to give it a shot.  Needless to say, I’ll be reviewing this on its own, but so far I’m enjoying it.  It does suffer a little bit from “Whedon-itis” – that is a really clever writer having specific characterisations or tropes that he prefers to pull from.  Typically this makes the first couple offerings of the writers work seem fresh or clever, but the later a bit tired when you recognize repeated character types in a person’s work.  However, I’m willing to give MDD a bit of a pass because he does write for the YA audience and well, YA loves a stock character regardless of author.  Where “Avatar” was based on a pseudo-Easten Religion-esque world “Rebel Genius” takes places in something akin to an Italian Renaissance where art, not martial arts, are the true power and there have already been some interesting deviations from the Avatar world’s understanding of faith, religion, etc. which would make it appealing to a number of people I know.

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