I apologize for the varying photo quality, but I wanted to share some of the projects I’ve been working on over the summer.  With the baby girl finally getting big enough I’ve had a reason to dive into my sewing stash of fabric and vintage 70’s patterns to work on a few things.  (note:  I do sew things for my son too, but boys clothes just don’t have the variety so he gets a lot of pajama pants in favorite characters and prints).  The rompers in the top and lower left are still in project – just waiting for me to have a moment to do some hand sewing and put some button holes in, but the dress on the top right was done in time for the little girl’s first birthday.  And the Star Wars sugar skull skirt?  That’s for me, because why not!


Slightly blurry because this girl is always on the move and slightly too big, but that means we’ll get more time out of it.

And one project I can’t believe I actually finished, after 2.5 years of slowly, slowly stitching on it….


Van Gogh’s Starry Night in cross-stitch.

I’m hoping to get this one framed someday soon and honestly, I can’t believe I really managed to stitch this.

I’m hoping to find more time to sew and tackle some other crafting projects this fall – I have Starry Night fabric that’s just waiting to be made into a dress, as well as a stack of vintage bed sheets I got for a steal on Ebay to make into clothes for me and the kids.  I’m hoping I can score some vintage Star Wars sheets in the future – everyone in the family would love some new pajamas.  Plus there’s the knitting.  I haven’t done much this year, but I’d love to get back in the habit of trying to make my family each something warm to wear by Martinmas – I’d love to make the baby girl a new bonnet and my husband has decimated his third pair of fingerless gloves, not sure what the boy will want or need yet, but that’s the goal.  Always so many goals and never enough time.

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