Merry Manifest: October

Is it really October already?  Oye.  So much to do in the next few weeks before winter arrives and makes me a hermit for a few months.  I just got back from a weekend up with my Blessed is She team combined with a mini-pilgrimage of my own.  I put a lot of miles on my car and had some much needed time in quiet.  I’ll be sharing a bit more later on, but for now, you can see pictures over on my Instagram account of all the beautiful churches I found in the little towns I passed through.  It’s becoming a fun little hobby, and I love reminding people that there is beautiful church history and culture in our own backyards.  I think we tend to think we can only experience really Catholicism in old world Europe, but there’s so much here to explore!

On to the rest of the list though!

To Listen:

  • My husband has a little mixtape he made our daughter to play while she falls asleep and it’s filled with slow, sleepy ballads from John Denver, Don McLean and James Taylor so I’ve been feeling the need to have a little more acoustic guitar in my days.  I’m getting older and definitely finding myself lamenting the lack of poetry in modern songwriting “these days”.
  • It’s officially October so that means I binge listen to Lore with abandon.  I haven’t listened for about a year for no good reason, and have a lot to get through to catch back up.  I’m also excited that the Lore TV show is on it’s way soon.
  • I’ve recently discovered that NPR has an app (yes, I’m behind the times) and am enjoying being able to catch up on some of my old favorites like Shamrock and Thistle and Prairie Home Companion without the hassle of remembering when to turn on the radio.

To Watch:

  • I didn’t watch anything really new in September, but we have plans to get me caught up on the new Spiderman movie this weekend as well as starting Stranger Things in time for the second season.  Ben has watched season one, but I’m behind as always.  October seemed a good reason to make sure this one got watched.

To Read:

  • Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi was excellent and I highly recommend it.
  • I was very excited to come across a book called “Hild” that was supposed to be about the life of St. Hilda, but trust me when I say pass on this one.  Not worth your time.
  • This month I’m working through Metaxas’ “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” and “The Thief” by Megan Whalen Turner.  I’m enjoyed the former, but not entirely convinced about the latter quite yet.

To Do:

  • October is a big long to do list for me – I have Halloween Costumes to make, winter gifts to knit, holidays to start to plan.  So don’t mind the radio silence if it happens – there’s a lot going on around here!


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