Martinmas Knitting 

For the first time in a few years I actual got all my planned knitting dine by Martinmas.  I was able to make my husband and kids each a piece of handmade warmth in honor of St. Martin.

My husband received some fingerless gloves.  This pattern is Wizard Warmers, knit in some grey Pattons wool.

My son received some homemade socks.  This pattern is the Samwise Socks, knit in a blue Knit Picks Tweed.

My daughter got a new hat.  I used the butterfly stitches from the Butterfly bonnet and added an extra butterfly to make it larger and knit even so that it ended in a gnome hat point.  This was knit in MadeleineTosh.  My son grumpy modeled it for me over breakfast cereal.

Overall I’m pretty happy with them all and am now working on a new hat for myself and hoping to string up the table loom I found at the consignment store soon and try my hand at weaving a scarf or two this winter.

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