I’ve spent a good amount of time on my social media accounts recently whittling away at my friends, followers and followed accounts.

There’s something wonderful to be said for social media, blogs and the like, but sometimes it’s just too much.  I love using it to connect with people with similar interests, personalities and points of view (additionally I love to connect with people opposite on all of those things too).  I love using it to see more beauty or to not feel so alone or just plain weird, but every couple of years I need to whittle.  It gets too big, too many people I feel responsible for.  Too much information coming at me all the time.  Too many moments spent wondering”Why is this important?” or trying to justify why a relationship is worth maintaining.

So I whittle.  Not because I don’t care, but because sometimes relationships come and go.  Often times people changes, dramatically.  Sometimes we need to pull inward and cocoon our minds while great change occurs inside of us.  Sometimes those old relationships, that cumulating information is what’s restraining us from embracing ourselves a little more fully.

So this week I said goodbye to a number of friends on FB – most I haven’t interacted with in years, some I don’t quite recall how we’re connected.  I unfollowed blogs that no longer add to my life and I feel a big sigh of relief – I do not need to be connected to everything to care or to pray or hope for these people who’ve come and gone in my life, but it can feel so good to whittle down and see what new thing I’ve created or the new person that’s been freed.