Old School

Sitting down for a little old school blog posting – I’ve been realizing how much I’ve been missing old school blogging, just blogs written by people who didn’t care about stats or reach and who just sat down and shared their days and thoughts. It’s surprisingly hard to do anymore, but I wanted to try a bit.

Today was just Sunday. It’s been a crazy week (here in Lake Wobegon). 3/4’s of us were diagnosed with strep on Wednesday which is always fun. The baby and I are on the rebound, but my husband always gets hit hard and took one more day home from work to sleep deeply while I tried my best to keep the minions away.

We’re all itching to be able to leave the house – not because of sickness, but because of winter. It’s reached that tipping point where I’m ready to burn everything and move to Arizona where, I naively believe, you can go outside all year round. February hasn’t been all that bad this year, but I’m ready for green growing things, and parks and activities and hiking and just not having my miniature throng of people around me 24/7. I love them to the moon and back, I just like when they have more options for space.

Since the sickness didn’t knock me out, but I still had to stay away from humanity for a few days we knocked out some projects around the house which is basically code for “going through Mount Whatisthiscrap” in the basement. One and a half more boxes and the laundry room won’t feel like some twisted version of an escape room anymore. Then I have to sort through Mount Whatisthissewingcrap in the basement and things should be in good shape.

We’ve been trying to clear out these spaces because my dad is going to help us get rid of the orange indoor/outdoor carpet in our basement bathroom and do a small update for us. Bye Bye 1979 sheik. He scored a vanity from a hotel that was remodeling and a huge stack of tiles from the Goodwill Home store and is hoping to do a lot of the work while we’re visiting family over spring break. He’s also promising to do a little work in our upstairs bathroom too which would be amazing.

But back to Sunday. We made it through Saturday evening Mass by the skin of our teeth so everyone got to sleep in this morning before heading out to get goodies for the 1st grade classes Fun Fair raffle basket and searching in vain at our favorite thrift stores for rainboots for the baby. Then it was home for an Overwatch (with lots of parental controls don’t worry) fix for the boy, then we knocked out reading homework and Religious Ed. We just started with Faith and Life series after struggling most of the year with the Sophia book our church provided.

Tonight was our feast night – and for this year during Lent I’m trying to limit meat during the week – so the Beef Satay and green beans I made seemed particularly delicious. However, it couldn’t hold a candle to the Broccoli Cheese Soup I made on Friday. I didn’t even have a recipe, I just kind of winged it after reading about 4 different recipes and we inhaled it. So good and so simple – I really need to increase my soup repertoire.

I worked some overtime on Friday and Saturday nights after the kids were about ready for bed because our census has been so high and the evening shift needed help, but tonight I declined and am enjoying some time free while the rest of the house is asleep. Time to download a new audiobook and do some sewing!

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