10 Things

I really wanted to title this post “10 Thing You (Might) Hate About Me”, but it’s really not that dark – thought when you get to the end who knows what you’ll think.  Though now I *need * to watch the movie that defined my teenage years with a passion.  I thought I’d share a few thoughts as I wait for dinner to finish cooking and before I get ready to head back to work for some overtime because the children’s hospital is at max capacity right now.

  1.  I don’t really watch movies or T.V. much anymore.  I used to binge watch with the best of them, but I just have no attention span for anything longer than about 3 seasons and in general watching stuff is too passive for me right now.  So when I have the choice I try to read or craft instead.  It’s no better than TV really – there’s so much stuff out there I wish I was “up” on, but that’s just where I’m at right now.
  2. If I had to rank the books I hated the most Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening” and the “Twilight” series would tie.
  3. A close second is apparently Colm Toibin’s “Brooklyn” which I fished last weekend had didn’t realize I hate, with a burning passion of a thousand burning copies of “The Awakening” and the “Twilight” series piled together, until I had finished the entire book.  Eillis Lacey might be worse than Professor Umbridge…. because at least Umbridge’s awful personality and opinions were her own awful personality and opinions.
  4. I’ve been shed tears watching Jimmy Fallon videos of people explaining what the Marvel “Black Panther” movie means to them.
  5. One of my old theatre professor’s put out a message for advice on which play to cut from his class since he somehow forgot about Spring Break and assigned too much reading.  One of my other professors suggested they “Divide the class in half and have one read 6 characters and the other read Hairy Ape and then compare them in class using the same analytical criteria .”  I suggested they “Divide the class in half and have one read 6 characters and the other read Hairy Ape but don’t tell them they were assigned different plays. Grade them either on how quickly they realize they read different plays or how long they can keep BSing to sound like they know what they’re talking about.”  It’s probably I good thing I didn’t end up going into education.
  6. I’ve discovered that Bacon Bits contain no actual meat and this makes me very happy trying to stick to my meatless Friday goals.
  7. My daughter has this little dance she does when I sing the words “Pants Dance”.  She scrunches her shoulders up to her ears and holds out her arms and it looks like Chris Farley and his “Fat Man in a Little Coat’ skit and is quite possibly the best thing ever.
  8. I recently discovered it might be possible to read too many books about horrible things close together.  I recently read Geraldine Brooks “March” and Kathleen Grissom’s “The Kitchen House” back to back and now the similar storylines are completely mixed up in my head.  I liked the later more, but mainly because I’m not sure what was gained by tying the story Brooks wrote and tying it to Mr. March from Little Women.  I’m not a fan of books who have nothing to add, especially to beloved literary characters but attempt to change our opinion of them.  I think March could have been stronger if it had not been a direct tie into “Little Women”.
  9. I obviously have strong opinions on many things, and I think I want to have strong opinions on even more things or at least be more vocal or obvious about them.  It’s surprised me recently to discover some folks definitely have a different idea of who I am from my online presence.  It kind of makes me laugh when something happens and I wonder “who do you think I am?”
  10. I am a lot of things – an educated, Midwesterner who has been married for almost 10 years and has a small family and will probably always have a small family.  My children attend various forms of childcare and attend public schools while I work a fulltime job; I am adamant in my support of not only my school district but the system in general.  I love stay at home parents, but don’t need to be one to find fulfillment or to give my family what they need to thrive.  My kids aren’t spritely little wood nymphs frolicking endlessly away from screens and plastic toys in their gender-neutral organic free trade knickerbockers and homemade knit woolen sweaters.  We play video games and know way too much about Pokemon, and read books that were published in this century (and plenty that weren’t too) and have movie tie-ins.  We eat junk food and have way too many toys.  My home is a domestic church, but it’s a messy one that doesn’t always remember all the feast days and observations and one that struggles to fit in prayer and education and all those little, yet important things – but it’s no less a domestic church even if it isn’t a mini-monastery with 1950’s hospitality oozing from every crevice.  I am a Catholic who loves the traditions and core beliefs of her Church, but who isn’t afraid to be radically inclusive and loving, and who weeps when evil and injustice yet again rears its head in my beloved walls.  I’m probably more liberal than the conservatives want me to be and more conservative than the liberals want me to be – I believe strongly in our tenants of social justice and look forward to seeing these teaching fully developed and put into practice in my lifetime, even if that development makes some people uneasy.  I believe in the inherent truth of the Church’s teaching on many subjects, but I believe we’ve only scratched the surface on in true understanding on many of them.  I’m not afraid of Harry Potter and Yoga and while Essential Oils turned me into a Newt, I got better.  I believe that there is much I can learn not only from my faith and experience but from the faith, culture and experience paths of others.  I am complex and opinionated and I guess I just wanted to throw all this out there in case you had a different idea of who I am than who I really am.  If you want a space to feel welcomed as you are I hope you find it here – if you want a space with a more singular idea of who is good and what is right, if you want a space to bemoan change and progress and justice and inclusion then …. nice meeting you, doors on the wall.

5 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. I just watched 10 Things I Hate About You for the first time in ages. I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as I remembered BUT IT WAS. My husband even sort of enjoyed it though he’d never admit it. Also #1, me to. I want to watch the crown but who’s got that sort of time to watch TV? I recently got into Longmire and it overtook me. I guess I’m not cut out for on-demand TV.


  2. I love this! Please be you and no one else 🙂 we need more people like you! I am so with you on the Justice and inclusion, and the love for our church, and Black Panther tears, and plastic toys and screen time!


  3. I love this. And the Monty Python reference. And as someone who started in education and is no longer there, I think your idea for #5 is brilliant – which may explain why I butted heads with my B. Ed. profs so much. 😛


  4. Hated the Awakening with a burning passion … but I love Brooklyn! (Although the ending of the movie is more what I wish the ending of the book had been … sigh.)

    I, too, feel more liberal than conservatives want me to be, and more conservative than liberals want me to be … more and more so as time passes. And I’ve always loved this space of yours. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂


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