Busy Bees

We’ve been lucky in the last five or six years not to have too many times where life was really busy. We were able to keep commitments and work at reasonable levels and just coast along. We’re not in that season anymore and while we try hard not to overcommit or over schedule life is just in a busier season. My hospital has been at max capacity and I’ve been putting in overtime to help out. Ben is working extra this weekend and the following week to minimize the effect of our vacation this week following our fun weeks of strep and accompanying sickness. We had Boy Scouts and birthdays and a house that gets messy as soon as your feet touch the floor in the morning. I had deadlines last night, and have more next week and the week after for writing. We’re both trying to get to the gym when we can and Ben is working on school work in his spare moments. I just finished the bi-yearly Continuing Ed. requirements for my certification and we have all the other stuff that lands this time of year – taxes, renewals, etc.

Our little hive is just busy and it’s hard to prioritize.

Last night Ben was away – finally getting a sleep apnea test we’ve needed for a while – so I put on My Little Ponies for the kids, made a plate of chicken nuggets and did laundry and hammered out my last devotion for last nights deadline. Then bundled up both kids in our big bed, tucked in and went to sleep flanked by two children who do karate in their sleep, but it was still good. I put the baby to bed while listening to an audio rosary, day two of the 54 day novena I’m attempting for a few important intentions.

Today will be just as busy – I have a treadmill that is going back to the used equipment store because after a couple hours of work we realized we mis-measured and can’t fit it in our house. I have a pile of bed linens waiting their turn for the washing machine and a dozen other things to do this weekend while my husband starts 5 ten hour days in a row while I hold down the fort, go back to work and get everything prepped for our trip next week.

Here’s hoping I remember to just sit down and relax tonight.

Busy little bees.

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